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WADA before the tour dropped its case. "If this suit is successful

Former Dolphins offensive lineman Lydon Murtha gave an insiders look at some of the issues surrounding the alleged bullying scandal involving teammates Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin in Miami. Leonard Hankerson Patriots Jersey . Murtha, now retired after playing for the Dolphins from 2009 through the 2012 preseason, wrote a piece for the Monday Morning Quarterback website and said there were misconceptions about some of the details being reported. After first identifying himself as a teammate of Incognitos at Nebraska and saying he was friends with both men, Murtha said Martin, a rookie in the preseason of 2012, "did not seem to want to be one of the group," adding that he "came off as standoffish and shy to the rest of the offensive linemen." Murtha, though, said Incognito took Martin under his wing since they were both set to play the left side of the line. "They were close friends by all appearances," Murtha wrote. "Martin had a tendency to tank when things would get difficult in practice, and Incognito would lift him up. Hed say, theres always tomorrow. Richie has been more kind to Martin than any other player." However, Murtha added that Incognito would sometimes get on Martin if he wasnt showing effort. But he would do the same with any player who appeared to slack off. Murtha said he doesnt believe that Incognito bullied Martin, adding that the nine-year veteran joked with everybody on the team, including coaches. The voicemail that included the racial slur, however, is the reason Murtha believes that Incognito was suspended, although he heard Incognito call Martin the same thing to his face and Martin just laughed. As far as the coaches not knowing about the so-called hazing, Murtha said that was untrue. "Thats the most outlandish lie of this whole thing," Murtha wrote. "The coaches know everything. The coaches know whos getting picked on and in many cases call for that player to be singled out. Any type of denial on that side is ridiculous." Murtha said coaches did, indeed, ask team leaders to "bring (Martin) out of his shell. Figure him out a little bit." There was a report in the South Florida Sun Sentinel newspaper on Tuesday that said Incognito was instructed by coaches to "toughen up" his fellow lineman after Martin missed a voluntary workout in the spring, but that Incognito may have taken the orders too far. Murtha said that might have been a problem for Incognito because he might not have been able to tell that Martin wouldnt be able to handle the derision. A number of current teammates on Wednesday indicated they were surprised by the recent developments between Incognito and Martin. Quarterback Ryan Tannehill described the two as brothers, saying Martin was "like Richies little brother. He gave him a hard time, he messed with him, but he was the first guy to have his back." The NFL is set to begin an investigation into the workplace conduct in the Dolphins organization and head coach Joe Philbin on Wednesday wouldnt comment beyond saying the team will take measures to fix any problems the NFL may find. Reggie Wayne Patriots Jersey .C. -- Calgarys Kevin Koe did it the hard way again. Matthew Slater Patriots Jersey .35 million, one-year contract that avoided salary arbitration. Plouffe batted .254 with 14 home runs and 52 RBIs in 477 at-bats last season, his second as a regular in the lineup. . -- Nathan Pancel scored twice as the Sudbury Wolves defeated the North Bay Battalion 4-2 on Saturday in Ontario Hockey League action.PONTE VEDRA BEACH, Fla. -- Vijay Singh sued the PGA Tour on Wednesday for exposing him to "public humiliation and ridicule" during a 12-week investigation into his use of deer antler spray that ended last week when the tour dropped its case against him. The lawsuit was a surprise, and so was the timing -- the day before The Players Championship, the flagship event on the PGA Tour held on its home course where Singh has honed his game for the last two decades. "I am proud of my achievement, my work ethic and the way I live my life," Singh said in a statement. "The PGA Tour not only treated me unfairly, but displayed a lack of professionalism that should concern every professional golfer and fan of the game." Singh filed the lawsuit in New York, where he has a home and the tour has an office. He is in the field at The Players Championship. The 50-year-old Fijian, inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame in 2006, said in a Sports Illustrated article in January that he used deer antler spray and he was "looking forward to some change in my body." The spray was said to include an insulin-like growth factor that was on the tours list of banned substances. The tour sent a sample from Singh to be tested, and it returned small amounts of IGF-1. PGA Tour Commissioner Tim Finchem announced April 30 that the tour was dropping its case because of new information from the World Anti-Doping Agency, which said deer antler spray was no longer considered prohibited because it contained just minimal amounts of the growth factor. The lawsuit claims the PGA Tour relied on WADAs list of banned substances and methods without doing any of its own research, including whether such substances even provide any performance-enhancing benefits. Singhs lawyers said the tour "rushed to judgment and accused one of the worlds hardest working and most dedicated golfers of violating the rules of the game." "We have not seen the lawsuit, just the statement," PGA Tour spokesman Ty Votaw said. "We have no comment." Some of the details and allegations that emerged from the lawsuit: -- Finchem had proposed suspended Singh for 90 days, and his earnings from Pebble Beach and Riviera would have been redistributed. -- The tour held Singhs earnings from five tournaments -- $99,980 -- in escrow without authority during the investigation and appeal. -- Singhs current caddie, Tony Shepherd, recommended that he try the deer antler spray to help with his back and knee injuries. -- Scientists hired by Singhs attorneys discovered that IGF-1 is found in cows milk. They also claim that the amount of IGF-1 in deer antler spray is so diluted that it would be comparable to pouring a shot glass of bourbon in an Olympic-size swimming pool, and then drinking a shot from the pool water. "Hes looking to reclaim his reputation and hold the tour accountable for acting irresponsible," said Jeffrey Rosenblum, one of Singhs lawyers. "Hes concerned about his reputation. There should never be an asterisk next to Vijays name." Rosenblum also represented Doug Barron, the only player suspended under the tours anti-doping policy. Barron sued the tour, and the case was settled. Rosenblum could not comment on the settlement, which was confidential. The development dominated conversations at the TPC Sawgrass during the final day of practice for golfs richest tournament. Some players thought Singh surely would be suspended, and they felt he was let off the hook on a technicality. A week later, they learned he was suing the tour. "Everybody is shaking their heads. Its unbelievable,," Bob Estes said. Joe Vellano Patriots Jersey. "It seems like the tour did everything it could and everything right as the process unfolded to protect him and his reputation. Everybody is in shock that he would do that. Its not going to help his character. Its only going to hurt it. He got the favourable ruling. Its the week of The Players Championship. He lives here. Hes suing his own tour." Estes shook his head and said, "I dont think anyone saw this coming." Masters champion Adam Scott said he could understand Singh filing a lawsuit "if he feels like that." "I would assume Vijay thinks hes doing whats right and the tour thinks its doing whats right," Scott said. "Overall, these situations should be managed to be avoided. We dont need this in the game of golf. Honestly, I dont believe theres a real issue with performance enhancing drugs in this game. When theres not really an issue, its a shame that there is." Peter Ginsberg, a sports law specialist and lead attorney in Singhs lawsuit, said the tour never bothered to analyze the trace amounts of IGF-1 in the bottle. "What the PGA Tour accused Vijay of spraying was not a banned substance," Ginsberg said. "It was an inactive substance and could not possibly have any effect, good or bad, on Vijay. And thats something the PGA Tour easily could have determined." Singhs reputation took a beating early in his career when he was accused of changing his scorecard in Indonesia in 1985 and banned by an Asian tour. He did not play any tour until resurfacing on the European Tour in 1989. He came to PGA Tour in 1993, and since has made more than $67 million and reached No. 1 in the world. Singh has won the Masters and the PGA Championship among his 34 tour victories. He holds the PGA Tour record with 22 wins since turning 40. His best year was in 2004, when he won nine times. Singh has not won since the Deutsche Bank Championship in September 2008, two months after the tours anti-doping program was launched. The lawsuit is geared around allegations that the PGA Tour didnt do basic research the deer antler spray and should not have dragged Singh through the process. Singh appealed the suspension, and it was scheduled for arbitration on Tuesday. Rosenblum said his group submitted its scientific findings on April 24, and that two days later the tour said it received its new information from WADA. The tour announced it was dropping the case on the day it was required to submit its briefs for arbitration. "The PGA Tour knew or should have known all relevant facts before it wrongfully accused Singh," the lawsuit said. Ginsberg declined to comment when asked if Singhs attorneys contacted WADA before the tour dropped its case. "If this suit is successful, what its going to do is make the PGA Tour more responsible in the future," he said. Finchem appeared on Golf Channel and said he would not comment outside of what he said last week in announcing the case was dropped. Singh, meanwhile, has not spoken to reporters about any subject since releasing a statement in February confirming that he took the deer antler spray. "If I was him, Im not so sure Id talk about it," Finchem said Tuesday evening in a press conference, the day before the lawsuit was filed. "Id kind of like for it to be gone. He didnt do what he probably should have done, what we ask players to do, but it was all a function that came out as a function of his admission. I dont know what he would add to that. "So if he wants to be quiet about it, Im not going to argue with him about that." Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic Wholesale Jerseys China Cheap NFL Jerseys China NFL Cheap Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys ' ' '