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ven less than Logano does. Given his position in grandpas team, Austin Dillon might take some heat, too, especially if he wrecked a VWA (Veteran With Attitude) like Kev

Our experts weigh in on four of the biggest questions in NASCAR:Turn 1: Who is the best active restrictor-plate driver?Ricky Craven, ESPN NASCAR analyst: Dale Earnhardt Jr. Geoff Cameron Jersey . is the greatest restrictor-plate driver of his generation, but Brad Keselowski is certainly making his mark and, along with Jimmie Johnson and Matt Kenseth, the three of them are close behind. Restrictor-plate racing is the most unique form of NASCAR competition. Driving a Sprint Cup car by yourself at Daytona and Talladega is among the easiest things youll ever do. Driving that same car at Daytona or Talladega on race day is among the most difficult. It requires many things, but most of it is confined to decision-making vs. car control. Some get better with time, acquire the skills (Kenseth) and some are born with the skills and the sense required at these tracks (Earnhardt).Ryan McGee, Dale Earnhardt Jr., but I think Brad Keselowski is closing in fast. Over the past five seasons Keselowski trails Earnhardt in average finish and top-5 finishes, but barely. Over that same span he has four wins to Earnhardts three. Immediately following the Daytona race I tweeted that Brad was really good at plate racing and was immediately pounced on by Junior Nation. Hey folks, Im not making it up. The numbers are what they are.John Oreovicz, For many years, the easy answer was Dale Earnhardt Jr. But after a nice little run in 2014 and 15, DEJ hasnt looked like himself at the plate races this year. Brad Keselowski seems to have taken over as the driver to beat over the past few years and now that he has a Daytona win under his belt it will be interesting to see how long it takes him to reach Victory Lane in the big race in February.Bob Pockrass, When looking at wins, it would be Brad Keselowski, with five since 2009. But in 67 career restrictor-plate starts, Dale Earnhardt Jr. has 25 top-5s (37 percent) and has led 1,553 laps (average of 23 a race). In 30 starts, Keselowski has nine top-5s (30 percent) and has led just 244 laps (average eight laps a race). And then theres the matter of Earnhardts two Daytona 500 victories, which came 10 years apart. They both have been at their best when theyve had great cars, but even if the brain says Keselowski at the moment, the gut says Earnhardt.Marty Smith, Somewhat like asking whos the best sports bettor. There are many very good ones, but every last one of them is subjected to the unforeseen -- and thus, the upset. Denny Hamlin is excellent. Matt Kenseth. Brad Keselowski. The Busch boys. Jamie McMurray. Tony Stewart and Jimmie Johnson. All big horses. But its Dale Earnhardt Jr. Hes the best of all time on plate tracks. Yes, I said it.Turn 2: NASCAR issued only fines to the drivers for the truck series fight at Gateway, John Wes Townley and Spencer Gallagher. Was that the correct decision?Craven: The decision made was probably the correct one. I really cant imagine anyone being frightened or concerned for the health of either driver, as it looked like less of a fight and more along the lines of a wrestling match from 1976.McGee: Yes. Anything more would have been overkill and would have drawn more attention to something that deserves to forgotten as soon as possible. I am still waiting on fines from the WBC, UFC and WWE for crimes against fighting.Oreovicz: In the Cup Series, I think at least one of them would have been fined, but in the Truck series, this fight almost provided comic relief. A Friday Night Fight undercard battle, if you will. They probably ought to at least put Townley on double-secret probation, given the number of skirmishes he seems to get into.Pockrass: No. Anyone who gets in multiple punches with a closed fist -- such as John Wes Townley did -- deserves a suspension. Unfortunately, we havent seen a good replay of the accident and the extent of the on-track retaliation. The whole thing, while somewhat entertaining and amusing, stunk -- a great race in the waning laps with a silly sideshow of drivers not in contention wrecking and fighting. Townley has been involved in too many wrecks and likely has had too many people want to deck him to be out there trying to enforce driver code.Smith: I guess. They engaged while on the racing surface, so theyre subjecting themselves to danger. That was the only danger to which they subjected themselves. That grappling match looked like a couple drunks at a music festival fighting over a girl.Turn 3: Everyone always seems to be in such a rush to discount any Brad Keselowski success. Why is one driver the target of so much animosity?Craven: Because he speaks his opinion -- he often says exactly what he believes -- and most people on the planet arent equipped with the ability to objectively listen to what he says and appreciate the honesty, even though when they might have a totally different view. It doesnt qualify a person as being wrong, you simply disagree. Many dont like him, or are not a fan of his, and that overrides the fact he is one of the few drivers still willing to give us an unfiltered version of his views and perspective. Im good with Brad, I appreciate how hard he worked to get where he is, and I hope he doesnt change. More importantly, I hope he continues driving as though he is seeking his first win. There is no substitute for hunger.McGee: I wrote a column about this at the height of him being ganged up on back in November 2014, and I dont think its really changed since then. I think people -- rivals and fans -- target him because they dont understand him. And then when they target him and it doesnt seem to bother him very much I think that drives them all even crazier. He subscribes to the Bob Sugar philosophy of this aint show friends, its show business and he firmly believes that its his business to do whatever it takes to get to the front. Weve applauded other racers for living that way, but it usually took a while for people to come around. I really hope that one day they come around on Brad. Love him or hate him, what he has accomplished is pretty remarkable ... and hes only 32.Oreovicz: He doesnt fit the mold of either the established driver stereotypes -- southern redneck or polished West Coaster. And hes not afraid to flaunt his different-ness, mainly by speaking his mind on just about any topic. On the track, his style is a lot like the late Dale Earnhardt, which is why it surprises me that more people dont back Keselowski.Pockrass: Because he has 20 wins and hes only 32 years old. He doesnt back down to other drivers. He doesnt think like other drivers. And he says what he thinks. So many disagree with that and view it in some ways as a lack of respect. But why is being the target of animosity a bad thing? You want friends mixed with sports? Go to your local softball league.Smith: Because he talks and he doesnt back off it. Its that simple. Brads very intelligent, very cerebral. Hes a thinker whos completely unafraid to verbalize his thoughts, opinions, concerns and potential innovations. Hes not rash. Hes not boastful. Hes calculated. And hes never afraid to say his peace. That pisses off a lot of people. It annoys his competitors to no end. Know what? He doesnt care. Heres the thing: If youre going to be outspoken, you have to be successful for the words to have any credibility. Brad can wheel, too. With the best of them.Turn 4: Would any driver other than Joey Logano catch as much heat for what happened between he and Kurt Busch on the last lap at Daytona?Craven: Yes, a guy named Kurt Busch, or perhaps his brother Kyle Busch just a few years ago. This thing ebbs and flows throughout your career. Joey Logano is in the early innings of a championship career, climbing the ladder always comes with challenges and what hes experiencing right now is very similar to what some of the greats experienced at some point in their careers.McGee: See the guy featured in the previous question ... and see the other guy included in this question.Oreovicz: Keselowski, because hes likely to care what his competition thinks after he wrecks them even less than Logano does. Given his position in grandpas team, Austin Dillon might take some heat, too, especially if he wrecked a VWA (Veteran With Attitude) like Kevin Harvick.Pockrass: Yes. Well, the one driver would be a she. If Danica Patrick accidentally wrecked Kurt Busch, she would get 10 times the heat of Logano. Maybe not from Busch, because theyre teammates, but it certainly would break the internet.Smith: No. Joeys aggression has frustrated competitors for a couple of years now. But so what? You get what you give in this life. Matt Kenseth had enough of it and planted him in the fence, costing Joey an opportunity to run for a championship. Bobby Wood Jersey . The scientists believe the small earthquake during a Marshawn Lynch touchdown was likely greater than Lynchs famous "beast quake" touchdown run three years ago, which also came against New Orleans during a playoff game. John Brooks Jersey . -- Ryan Getzlaf grabbed the three pucks wrapped in tape and held them up to his chest in the Anaheim Ducks dressing room for a celebration nine seasons in the making. . Colin Wilson had two goals and an assist, and Mike Fisher scored a goal and helped set up two others in the Predators 6-4 victory over the Red Wings on Monday night. ' ' '