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upport staffer. As she and her son went

BOONE, N. Joe Williams 49ers Jersey .C. -- Freshman Patrick Good scored 16 points and made 4 of 6 3-pointers, all 15 Mountaineers who played scored at least a point and Appalachian State rolled over Warren Wilson 119-51 in its home opener Thursday night.The 68-point margin of victory set a school record.Tyrell Johnson and Jake Babic each scored 13 points, Emarius Logan scored 11 and Ronshad Shabazz added 10. The Mountaineers outrebounded the Owls 54-25 and got 74 points from its bench.Bennett Holleys layup with 8:15 left made it 101-37, and the Mountaineers crossed the 100-point mark for the first time since Jan. 26 2016 at Georgia Southern.Leading 57-24 at halftime, Shabazz opened the second half with a 3-pointer to spark a 24-3 run and Appalachian State cruised. Appalachian State (1-2) shot 57 percent from the floor (40 of 70) and 43 percent from beyond the arc (12 of 28).Michael Pomeroy led the Owls, a United States Collegiate Athletic Association member, with 13 points. Ahkello Witherspoon Jersey .Y. - Jerome Samson scored once in regulation and again in the shootout as the St. C. J. Beathard Womens Jersey . Gather a group of friends, or find a league to join online, draft your team, set your lineup and compete in a number of different formats. .J. Ellis hit two-run homers and the NL West champion Los Angeles Dodgers defeated the San Diego Padres 4-0 Saturday night. The day Rashan Garys finger went sideways was a turning point of sorts for Michigans understated, burgeoning star on the defensive line.It was a warm day in August when athletic trainers pulled Gary aside to pop his dislocated finger back into place before he returned to a training camp practice. His matter-of-fact reaction -- Thats football, he said to the trainer -- made an impression on coach Jim Harbaugh and the Wolverines. This wasnt the coddled, entitled mentality that can come as a side effect of being named the best high school prospect in the county. And this wasnt the first time that Gary inadvertently let his team know that wasnt his style.More notable, though, is the person who knew nothing about his dislodged digit. Jennifer Coney, Garys mother, learned about her sons injury a few weeks later when Harbaugh mentioned it as a sign of toughness during a postgame press conference. When she heard, she was smacked with the contradictory mix of leaving-the-nest angst and pride to which most mothers can probably relate.You dislocated your what? And I didnt hear about it? Coney chided him later that night. He took it in stride, though. That was a beautiful thing. Not his finger, just the way he handled it.There was a steady stream of phone calls between Gary in Michigan and his mother in New Jersey from the time he arrived on campus several months earlier. She had served as a full-time gatekeeper and advocate for her youngest son, the No. 1 prospect, during a long and exhaustively covered recruiting process.Initially, Gary called to vent about the concerns that hit most college freshmen when they first arrive in a bigger pond. Football wasnt clicking as easily as it used to. Classes were hard. He needed advice at times and reassurance at others. Soon Coney noticed their conversations became more about what he was learning than what he was missing. The change could be measured in how often he mentioned two names in their talks: Taco and Chris.Chris Wormley and Taco Charlton, the Wolverines veteran starters at defensive end, first got to know Gary to some degree in April when he visited campus for Michigans spring game. Garys first impression of Wormley was hes big. Gary wasnt used to being eye-to-eye with peers during conversations, especially not anyone who could match his broad shoulders and thick build. Wormleys initial thoughts were a little more skeptical.This is the No. 1 recruit; he is probably going to think hes hot s--- , Wormley said. Hes going to want to start right away. But as soon as I met him, that was not it at all. He wanted to learn.Gary peppered the fifth-year senior with questions during their first meeting. He wanted to dive into the playbook and figure out how to wrap his head around the overwhelming pile of intricacies he was going to have to digest before he could start living up to his sky-high billing. The questions continued through summer workouts, where Gary quickly won over his new teammates by falling in line and picking the brain of anyone willing to listen.Wormley decided he would do his best to take Gary under his wing. One of the countrys deepest defensive lines could use another big body this fall. The faster Gary learned, the fresher Wormley could stay during games. But, man, the kid was going to have to learn to be patient.Gary credits his mom with instilling that inquisitive mindset in him from the very beginning of his days of dominatiing a football field in junior high. Joe Williams Jersey. She made sure her son knew he didnt have all the answers.Dont ever puff your chest, because theres somebody out there who is going to put you on your butt, she warned. You might be good, but youre going to get put on your butt and you dont want to be humiliated when you do. Never act like youve got it, like youre the man.The first couple weeks of training camp at Michigan, as promised, planted the freshman firmly on his backside. Football was difficult for the first time. He missed assignments. He got scooped out of running lanes and stood up on pass rushes. Each time he came up short, he dropped his head.I wasnt getting it as fast as I wanted to. I was starting to get mad, Gary said. Ive got to get it. Ive got to get it.High expectations turn into high pressure for prospects like Gary. In many ways, hes lived up to his considerable hype in the last few months. Hes made 25 tackles, five for loss, and logged five quarterback hurries through his first 10 games while serving as a regular contributor for the countrys top scoring defense. His path there has been slightly unorthodox.Most pass-rushing superstars have a tendency to show flashes of brilliant power and athleticism in the early stages of their development, leaving spectators to drool about the time when the pass-rusher has a full set of defensive tools. Gary has done more to build his foundation than to build his hype this season.Its things that maybe other people dont see, defensive line coach Greg Mattison said. Rashan now has become a lot more accountable to make sure he does what hes supposed to do and knowing what hes supposed to do, instead of relying on somebody to say make sure you do this, make sure you do that.Gary said his most significant growth this season has been learning that the mistakes that at first dragged him down are as much a part of the learning process as his steady stream of questions. The entire Michigan defensive line -- Wormley and Charlton, especially -- drilled those ideas into him on a daily basis during their first couple months in pads together.Coney assumed her son would learn how to pace himself from his coaches or a support staffer. As she and her son went through the recruiting process together, she said she hunted for schools where Gary wouldnt have a ton of pressure to perform right away. As much as she warned him that some humbling moments were inevitable, she didnt want him to face those in an exceedingly public way. What she didnt see coming was that it would be Garys teammates, as much as anyone, who helped to pace him.That was an unexpected pleasure, she said.Gary stood in Michigans football building earlier this week explaining how his teammates have helped him this year, and the attitude that convinced them to help, when Wormley wandered by to check on his mentee. Wormley, whom Gary has called big bro since late August, threw a big, thick arm around and told him he was watching him.Gary is used to being watched, but thanks to Wormley and a deep, experienced defensive line, the freshman has had a little extra room to grow outside the public eye this season.Hes matured a lot in these last 10 weeks, Wormley said. Im excited to see what he can do as the starter next year and in all the years after that. Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic Wholesale Jerseys China Cheap NFL Jerseys China NFL Cheap Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys ' ' '