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t in 2012.Are you anti-abortion or pro-abortion rights?Anti-abortion 47.2 percent Pro-abortion right

PITTSBURGH -- A series of plays during Sundays game led to a benches-clearing scuffle in the?Washington Nationals 10-7 win over the?Pittsburgh Pirates. Donta Hightower Jersey .Nationals outfielder Bryce Harper injured his left thumb in the third inning during a slide into third base. Pirates third baseman Jung Ho Kang tried to deke Harper, pretending he had the ball and leading to an awkward slide by Harper.The Nats star appeared to be angered by the play, and Washington manager Dusty Baker was seen yelling into the Pirates dugout.?In the bottom of that inning, benches cleared when Nationals pitcher A.J. Cole threw a wild pitch behind the back of Kang.Cole was immediately tossed by the home plate umpire Jordan Baker. Both benches and bullpens emptied, and players were involved in an ensuing scuffle near the mound.In addition to Cole, Pirates left fielder?Sean Rodriguez was tossed after engaging in a shouting match across the diamond with Nationals left fielder?Jayson Werth.Harper left the game and was replaced by Chris Heisey in right field for the bottom of the third. According to, he is listed as day-to-day but will have X-rays taken on the thumb on Monday.You dont want that to happen, Harper said. I understand the deke at second base, I understand the double play kind of thing, but that kind of thing is not part of the game.The Associated Press contributed to this report.? Montee Ball Jersey . Listen to the game live on TSN Radio 1050 at 7pm et. The Raptors traded Rudy Gay, Quincy Acy and Aaron Gray to the Sacramento Kings on Monday, in exchange for Greivis Vasquez, John Salmons, Patrick Patterson and Chuck Hayes. Julian Edelman Jersey . -- Jonathan Drouin gave Halifax the boost it needed to edge host Sherbrooke Phoenix 3-2 in a shootout in Quebec Major Junior Hockey League action. . They were putting most of their energy into a record-setting offensive display. This story appears in ESPN The Magazines October 17 Debate Issue. Subscribe today!#StickToSports? Not the?97 American athletes we canvassed from the NBA, NFL, NHL, WNBA and MLB. They have thoughts aplenty on Donald, Hillary and Bill (Belichick, not Clinton). So we offered anonymity for unfiltered takes on everything from gun control to President Obamas tenure. This isnt the first time weve thrown our Confidential hat into the political ring -- and we dug into the archives to see how locker room opinions have changed since 2012. The votes are in!?Are you planning to vote in the presidential election this November?Yes 72.5 percent No 27.5 percentTuesday Turnout?Similar to 2012, the majority of each league says it will vote. The WNBA (90 percent) has the most motivated voters, while the NHL (60 percent) lags behind.Do you consider yourself a Democrat, Republican or other?Democrat?32.6 percent Republican?28.4 percent Independent/Other 38.9 percentParty Lines While Democratic allegiances edge out Republican loyalties overall, three individual leagues -- the NFL, NHL and MLB -- lean right more than left.Whom do you want to win the presidential election?Hillary Clinton 51.9 percent Donald Trump 28.6 percent Neither/Other 19.5?percentIf Trump wins, its going to be a scary, scary USA with him in office. --?WNBA rookieAnybody but Hillary Clinton. -- NFL playerHave you argued with a teammate over politics in the election cycle?Yes 34.7 percent No 65.3 percentFor Arguments Sake?Most sports stars keep politics out of the workplace, but many of those who cop to a little locker room debate cite Donald Trump as a common point of discussion.Should taxes on the highest earners be raised, reduced or kept the same?Raised 18.4 percent Reduced?50.6 percent Same?31.0 percentTax Breakdowns?The percentage of players who say high-bracket taxes should go up has more than doubled since 2012 (9 percent), while a nearly identical segment says lower them (51 percent in 2012).Should gun control laws be stricter?Yes?73.1 percent No 26.9 percentA person on the no-fly list can buy a gun. Thats a joke. -- NHL All-StarIt is not realisttic or responsible to do a massive buyback program. Matthew Slater Patriots Jersey. .?-- NFL linemanShould immigration policies be stricter?Yes 60.5?percent No?39.5 percentIts kind of a free-for-all right now. To protect our nation, we need to get stricter.?-- MLB outfielderArent we all immigrants? -- NBA playerShould the U.S. legalize marijuana?Yes?82.6 percent No?17.4 percentGoing Green New year, new attitude. More than 82 percent of sports stars polled now favor legalizing marijuana -- an increase of a whopping 25 percentage points from 2012.Should the U.S. legalize sports gambling?Yes 74.7 percent No 25.3 percentWorth the Gamble This is another issue on which sports stars have changed their minds. Nearly 3 in 4 surveyed are all for it, compared with 56.5 percent in 2012.Are you anti-abortion or pro-abortion rights?Anti-abortion 47.2 percent Pro-abortion rights?52.8 percentDivided They Fall?The only unity here is a lack of unity. The NFL leans anti-abortion (62 percent); the NBA and WNBA, pro-abortion rights (74 percent combined). The NHL and MLB? Down the middle.Have race relations improved or declined over the past four years?Improved?20.9 percent Declined?65.1 percent Unchanged?14.0 percentRacism isnt now getting bad. Its just getting filmed.?-- NFL defensive endI would honestly say way worse.?-- MLB pitcherHow do you grade Barack Obama?Approve/strongly approve 47.9 percent Neutral 34.0 percent Disapprove/strongly disapprove?18.1 percentObamacare -- thats huge. I grew up in a single-parent home and didnt go to a doctor until college.?-- NFL linebackerAll I hear is people complaining about Obamacare.?-- NHL playerWhich current athlete would make the best politician?Tom Brady 8.0 percent (most popular) Russell Wilson 6.8 percentWhich current coach would make the best politician?Bill Belichick 11.5 percent (most popular) Gregg Popovich?9.0 percentAthletes interviewed by league: MLB, 32; NBA, 13; NFL, 31; NHL, 10; WNBA, 11. Not all athletes answered every question. Percentages are rounded. Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap Jerseys China ' ' '