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Its difficult to make a boxing movie that feels real to regular audiences, let alone to actual fighters themselves. Cheap Falcons Hoodies Jerseys . In recent years, as many of these films have come to the big screen, far too many have focused on the spectacle of the megafight that very few boxers ever experience and a glossy version of fame and fortune enjoyed be even fewer.With Bleed for This -- the life story of Vinny Paz who may well have achieved the greatest sports comeback of all time by winning a boxing world championship after breaking his neck in a car accident -- director Ben Younger has thankfully reversed this trend.Everything that viewers see feels real, because it is real.From the opening scene showing Paz with his body wrapped in saran wrap while furiously riding a stationary bike in his hotel room to make weight moments before his weigh-in, through the numerous training scenes in dusty, tired gyms and basements and even with the climactic victory over Roberto Duran, any fighter will tell you that all 116 minutes of the film were entirely authentic.How do I know? I experienced almost everything you see in the film. Having fought in six different weight divisions, from junior lightweight to middleweight, weight issues are one of those things that most casual boxing fans dont see or understand. My career began in the worn down Resurrection Gym in Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, and each time I won a big fight, the feeling was nothing short of heaven.The fights themselves -- long a joke in the boxing community given that any fighter who absorbed the over-dramatic blows featured in most films would end up mangled beyond recognition -- also come off as legitimate. While watching the opening bout of the film between Vinny and Roger Mayweather, I could almost feel every punch that Vinny absorbed in defeat, and like Vinny, those shots only made me want to fight harder.And then theres the other side of the big bombs that the fighters throw. Boxing is actually largely a sport of defense and all of the actors learned how to move, keep their hands up, bob and weave just like we all do it in the gym and on fight night. Oftentimes my best offense was indeed a good defense.And then there are the actors. Miles Teller, known primarily for his role as a skinny drummer in Whiplash, has incredibly transformed himself into a rock-solid brawler able to pull off a boxer, nicknamed The Pazmanian Devil, who had a trademark of beating himself in the head mid-fight. And Aaron Eckhart, normally a traditional, clean-cut leading man, is a dead ringer for legendary trainer Kevin Rooney, right down to the beer gut, bald spot and Staten Island accent.So how do you make a boxing movie that actually can appeal to boxers and general audiences? Its actually simple -- involve people who know the sport.Legendary trainer Freddie Roach and longtime boxing writer Tim Struby served as consultants on the film, and then there was the decision to involve Paz himself. During Canelo Alvarezs last bout in Dallas this past September, I had the opportunity to spend some time with Vinny, who flew in to see the fight, and let me say, few boxers encapsulate a true fighter better than the five-time champ.For all of Pazs big personality, the man knows the ins and outs of boxing cold and is able to explain the realities of the fight game in the way only a former fighter can.Perhaps the best validation for the film comes from young fighters looking to become a champion like Paz. Six fighters from my Golden Boy Promotions stable attended the Los Angeles premier last week.To a fighter, they said it was the most genuine boxing movie theyd ever seen. And I agree.Oscar De La Hoya is a 10-time boxing world champion in six weight divisions. He is now chairman and CEO of Golden Boy Promotions. Falcons Hoodies Shop . Ouellette, from Montreal, already has three Olympic gold medals since joining the team in 1999. Cheap Falcons Hoodies . Miller finished in two minutes, 6.09 seconds, one day before the first medal race on the Alpine schedule. The 36-year-old American also turned in the top time in Thursdays opening training session. . -- Golden State Warriors coach Mark Jackson asked his players a simple question during Fridays morning shootaround: How many of them had ever been on a team 14 games over . CHICAGO -- The Chicago Cubs embraced the target and ran away with the best record in baseball.Now that the playoffs are starting, the final mark is in sight. And if there is a little added pressure to nail it, well, manager Joe Maddon says bring it on.Those words pressure and expectations are positive words, he said Tuesday. You never want to be involved or associated with a situation that doesnt have the certain level of expectations. ... I think its great. Those are the two words that should bring out the best in your performance.The Cubs are seeking the biggest prize of all after leading the majors with 103 wins and giving their long-suffering fans hope this might be the year to end a World Series title drought dating to 1908. They will face the New York Mets or San Francisco Giants in an NL Division Series that begins Friday at Wrigley Field -- what they hope will be the next step toward the ultimate prize.A century-old championship hex could be a burden, but if one thing has defined this team as much as its sheer dominance, that would be its poise.Nothing seems to rattle this bunch. Not tight games, not a season-ending injury to emerging star Kyle Schwarber, not a 1-9 stretch in June, and not infielder Tommy La Stella leaving the team and contemplating retirement at midseason.The Cubs have steadily powered on, and that might be the most impressive play for a team that delivered more than a few this year.Whether its something innate in the players or a product of the atmosphere, this has been one cool bunch.We certainly, like most organizations, spend a lot of time trying to assess guys makeup and what makes them tick, and the characteristics, how they might respond to adversity certainly and how they respond to pressure, president of baseball operations Theo Epstein said. But I think theres something to be said for the culture in an organization and a clubhouse, the tone set by the manager and coaching staff, the veteran players, that allows guys to be themselves even in big moments.Talent, of course, helps, and the Cubs have no shortage of that. Authentic Falcons Hoodies. With two MVP candidates in Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo and two NL Cy Young Award possibilities in Jon Lester and Kyle Hendricks along with last years winner Jake Arrieta, they are as loaded as any team in recent memory.Chicago led the majors in ERA and finished third in scoring. And the Cubs were particularly good late in games.They pulled out 14 wins in their final at-bat, including a victory at Cincinnati in the season-finale, and only two teams scored more runs from the seventh inning on.Its just a message you bring out there every day, Maddon said. And I think its how you go about your business that promotes that kind of an attitude. You have to have good players. But beyond that, you have to kind of nurture the fact that you play nine innings hard every night and that anything can happen. The one thing I really wanted to get across is somethings going to go bad. Somethings going to go wrong and it happens to everybody. But how do you react to that moment (is what) sets you apart.Maddon, of course, is known for promoting a relaxed and fun atmosphere. Whether its onesie road trips or zoo animals visiting the ballpark, players have come to expect the unexpected.It keeps them on their toes. But it also keeps them loose.Its an approach that has served the Cubs well in their two seasons under Maddon. They broke out in 2015 with 97 wins and a trip to the NL Championship Series, but theyre no longer the upstart. They showed up to spring training this year with a roster bolstered by the offseason additions of Jason Heyward, John Lackey and Ben Zobrist and a catchy slogan coined by their manager -- embrace the target. The phrase went on a T-shirt and the Cubs wore it well. Now, the bullseye is on them, and a championship is in sight.Pressures a good thing, Epstein said. Those are the situations you want. You seek it out. I dont think the pressures going to bother this group. Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic Wholesale Jerseys ChinaCheap NFL Jerseys China NFL Cheap Jerseys ' ' '