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s team by a landslide; he backs these achievements with a team-leading 1.4 KD. Frosty is well known for his deep knowledge of the maps and using it to his ad

Paul Pogba, Moussa Sissoko. Cheap Jets Jerseys ....Victor Anichebe. Niall Quinn gives his verdict on the hits and misses from the 2016 summer signings. I dont know how many times Jools Holland has ushered in the new year with his Hootenanny, but I know a little of how he feels. Transfer Deadline Day in the Sky Sports studio has the same elements. A months hype, the countdown, the drama, then the fireworks. Except we cant pre-record the entire thing.Like New Years Eve, there is plenty of time for disappointment and regret once the clock signals the windows end. I imagine managers texting each other in the cold light of the next morning. I really love him. But Arsene, you loved Andrey Arshavin too. In the studio we get to sit and judge, like drill sergeants watching a new batch of pimply recruits arrive into the barracks. Unless you get a strange story like Peter Odemwingies day trip to London or Anthony Martial signing on to be part of Uniteds Great Futures Behind Them collection, there is a lot of time for speculating about who will sleep with the fishes and who will swim with the dolphins?As we get to the last international break of the year I see the papers and the internet are boiling again with rumours of the frenzy to come in the approaching window, so it seems like a good time to look at a few of the hits and misses from the latest summer session.One of the best stories of the back end of summer was Moussa Sissoko. Everton thought he was ready to sign a pre-nup and tie the knot. Then he was worryingly uncontactable. Everton were about to call in Liam Neeson to track him down when Sissoko turned up in London wearing a Spurs jersey. Watch highlights of Spurs draw with Arsenal The fee of £30m was about double what Spurs generally like to pay for incoming players. His form so far has probably been about half what they expect from those players. Sissokos handful of appearances so far have not produced any goals or assists.Generally though, Sissokos disappointing start goes under the radar because the best story of the summer was Paul Pogbas return to Old Trafford. It was the sort of deal which would have Sir Alex Ferguson spinning in his VIP box and screaming to be let out.The idea to write about the form of the big summer transfers came before Pogba and Zlatan Ibrahimovic spent Sunday afternoon pawing the dead mouse that is Swansea. But even taking into account that the win was Uniteds best performance outside of England this year, the jury must still be out on Pogba and Zlatan.United look like a troubled club and at the moment the guys picking up the heaviest wage packets every month have not been performing on match days. Maybe at 35 Zlatan should have looked for a gentler pasture in which he could transition into retirement. He has been playing professional football in top divisions since 1999. Thats a lot of mileage. Niall Quinn on Ibrahimovic There are various reasons. Maybe at 35 Zlatan should have looked for a gentler pasture in which he could transition into retirement. He has been playing professional football in top divisions since 1999. Thats a lot of mileage. He still works hard. However, fewer things come off for him.He scored 113 goals in 122 games in France. His patchy form at United compared to Mario Balotellis exciting form at Nice these days tells us a lot about the difference between playing in France and playing in England.Pogba, meanwhile, thrived in a different midfield set up in a different league that is played at a different pace. Great goal yesterday, but his season can go one of two ways from here. Jose may get his midfield right (Michael Carrick yesterday was a good sign) and Pogba might start to look like a Rolls Royce. Or he may struggle at this turbulent club and with that price tag he may become a human shield for his manager. Watch Paul Pogbas brilliant goal against Swansea As for Henrikh Mkhitaryan? You just never know whats around the corner do you Henrikh?The best transfers have been the ones which didnt attract screaming headlines. On transfer deadline night I did some weeping and gnashing of teeth when Sunderland failed to sign a new striker. They picked up Victor Anichebe on a free soon after and I thought that even with my aches and pains Id back myself to beat him in 40-yard sprint. I also thought that neither of us should attempt any distance longer than that without emergency medical services present.But wait. I saw Anichebe play for Sunderland at Bournemouth on Saturday and I ate some humble pie at half-time. David Moyes surprised Eddie Howe (and maybe surprised himself) by putting out an attacking team with Anichebe, in his first start, playing up front to take some pressure off Jermain Defoe. It worked. And Anichebe worked. He scored one and got fouled for the penalty, which gave Defoe his mandatory place on the score sheet. Victor Anichebe was the match-winner for Sunderland at Bournemouth Nobody is saying that Sunderland will be fending off Pogba style offers to keep Anichebe next summer, but he gave Sunderland some presence on Saturday, he gave them a goal, a win and a boost to morale with the promise that playing some attacking football might be a worthwhile exercise after all.Chelsea picking off NGolo Kante from the Leicester herd when they were down at the watering hole in the summer was just the law of the jungle. The deal was a quiet, efficient piece of business which has hurt Leicester badly and helped Chelsea no end. Kante and Nemanja Matic in central midfield are the motor which makes Chelsea rival Liverpool as the most improved team of the year so far.Since Antonio Conte found a formula he likes and is familiar with, Chelsea have won five games on the trot. The players around Kante are all suddenly looking as if they have been reconditioned. Thats the sign of a good midfielder, a good signing. Special mentions too for Marcos Alonso and David Luiz who have settled in really well. NGolo Kante (left) and Nemanja Matic have impressed for Chelsea None of the players Leicester bought as they broke their old transfer record a few times over in the summer have come close to making up for the loss of Kante.There have been other good signings about the league. With the amount of football he has in him John Stones could be the next Bobby Moore for England. Its surprising that Manchester City didnt experience more competition for his signature. I would have thought that his style would suit most of the top continental sides. Their loss is Peps gain. Watch NOW TV Watch Sky Sports for just ï¿¡6.99. No contract. In a week when City beat Barcelona it is easy to forget that Guardiolas project is still a work in progress. I think weve have seen contrasting returns on investment so far from Citys two big German signings in the summer; Leroy Sane and Ilkay Gundogan.Sane came back from the Euros a little late and has struggled with fitness, which is natural enough for a 20-year-old hitting the Premier League. In flashes he has shown that over the course of what is going to be a long season for City he could emerge to look like decent business, but we havent seen nearly enough yet. John Stones joined City from Everton Gundogans performance and two goals against Barcelona marked the occasion of him dropping his calling card at the Etihad. Apart from a knack of getting goals, among other virtues he looks like the cure to the brittleness which has troubled City for a while.When Transfer Deadline Day passed without Jurgen Klopp buying a shiny new striker I wondered if he had feet of clay after all. With 30 goals from 11 Premier League games and a top of the table seat this morning, Klopp has won that argument.His high-energy game is high attrition too, in terms of injuries and fatigue, so I still think he might splurge for a top forward in January. In the meanwhile, if Sadio Mane can escape the inconsistency he suffered from at Southampton he could prove to be the most inspired buy of the season.Elsewhere, what weve seen of Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg at Southampton confirms their shrewd eye. Hats off to Arsene who has bought very well other than mortgaging the house for a 20-goal-a-season striker as we all instructed him to. Pity Lucas Perez hasnt got in on the act yet. Sadio Mane scored twice as Liverpool thrashed Watford at the weekend Joe Allen was a neat bit of business for Stoke, he deserves a snappier nickname than the Midlands Andrea Pirlo. Victor Wanyama has been a typical bit of efficient Spurs business. Yannick Bolasie has looked decent at Everton though hell hope to have better days than he did on Saturday. If not he will need counselling.Mid-term report for the recruits of summer 2016? Some successes, some shrewd buys, a long list of flops, misfits and ones for the future. You look down the list of who bought who and how their teams are doing and even if you take away the hype surrounding Premier League managers now, generally the best ones have spent cleverly.The Manchester United managers performance in his first window is the exception to that rule and following his January dealings alone should be great fun. Will Jools be singing Cool For Cats or Up The Junction to Jose? Get Sky Sports Alerts Breaking news, line ups and goal alerts from your football club - direct to your mobile Also See: WATCH: Premier League goals Premier League hotlist Could Leicester get relegated? Live on Sky Authentic Sam Darnold Jersey .Y. - Nelson Mandela will be honoured by the New York Yankees with a plaque in Monument Park. Authentic Nathan Shepherd Jersey . -- There were so many positives from the Orlando Magics first victory of the season that it was hard for coach Jacque Vaughn to stop praising his players. . The parade and rally were held to celebrate the Saskatchewan Roughriders 45-23 win over the Hamilton Tiger-Cats on Sunday in the CFLs championship game. There are certain names in the history of Halo esports that will outlive many of us. Names like Final Boss from the days of Halo 2, and Evil Geniuses from Halo 2: Anniversary. These names are cloaked in a powerful aura of words such as dominant, greatness, and legacy. Since solidifying their new roster of Paul Snakebite Duarte, Matthew Royal 2 Fiorante, Bradley Frosty Bergstrom, and TJ Lethul Campbell, Counter Logic Gaming have been knighted with some of these words as well.The road to recognition didnt start smoothly, though. Lethul sent shockwaves throughout the competitive Halo landscape this past January when he decided to leave champion team Evil Geniuses to join persistent runner-ups CLG. His decision was surrounded with doubters questioning whether or not that was the right move. The new rosters first event, X Games Aspen, only fueled those doubts when CLG lost to EG in Game 7 of the Gold Medal match to earn a Silver Medal.CLG would not lose a series again for the next six months.They dominated the North American Regionals, then established their dominance on a global scale at the Halo World Championships. Not only did they make their way to the grand finals with relative ease, but they made a statement by sweeping their opposing finalists, Team Allegiance, 4-0. When many did not think that this team could get any better, it did. CLG went through the entire offseason without dropping a single scrim, and entered the first season of the Halo Championship Series Pro League as clear favorites to win yet again. The season went on as many expected; CLG only dropped one single map in the first three weeks of the season and swept Team Liquid, Evil Geniuses, Team Allegiance, Enigma 6, and Cloud9 along the way.Many among the community were making comparisons to some of the great teams in Halo history, and some were going so far as to ask, Will CLG ever lose again?CLGs schedule for Week 4 included a new opponent in Team EnVyUs and a rematch against Enigma 6. nV was on a four-series win streak and was getting into a good rhythm when theyy clashed against the CLG juggernauts, and that momentum showed when they played. Authentic Parry Nickerson Jersey. CLG found themselves in a Game 5 scenario for the first time all season and survived the scare. CLG won Game 5, but the cracks in their armor started to show. The next day, CLG went on to play Enigma 6 again and had its first loss of the season.Although CLG bounced back after their loss to E6, their performance was not nearly as dominating as it was at the beginning of the season. CLG has lost nine maps since week 1, and eight of those nine have come since the beginning of week 4. Still, CLG is very likely to successfully defend the legacy they have been building upon for months.Behind the winning record is, of course, a top-notch team. The leader of the defending world champions, Snakebite, started competing at a very young age and has a deep roster with him that seems to understand Halo in a way thats well beyond that of other teams. Snakebite and the rest of CLG have an aggressive playstyle and an emotionless demeanor that overwhelms opponents. Royal 2 has a knack for highlight plays and coming in with the lowest number of deaths on his team by a landslide; he backs these achievements with a team-leading 1.4 KD. Frosty is well known for his deep knowledge of the maps and using it to his advantage, while Lethul is not far behind with a 1.2 KD of his own and leads the team with 451 assists this season. Although fully capable of doing so, CLG does not make their living with flashy highlights and plays. CLG asserts their dominance by having complete methodical control from beginning to end.Counter Logic Gaming takes on the newly acquired Cloud9 roster to kick off their Summer Finals weekend. CLG has a 2-0 record and an overall 6-1 map record against C9. If their previous performances are any indication of how this weekend will go, the question people will be asking will not be Did CLG win? but Who finished second? ' ' '