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The moment will be unmistakably Brazilian should Marta find herself in Rio de Janeiros Maracana Stadium for the Olympic womens soccer final. Cheap Nike Air Max . The iconic stadium, familiar yellow and green jerseys atop blue shorts, and the swells of the national anthem will make the 11 women on the field the representatives of 200 million people.But none of those trappings were present when Christen Press first played alongside Marta in Swedens top professional league. It was Stockholm, not Rio. The jerseys bore the names of sponsors, not a national crest.Still, the American player saw something that told its own story of identity.She really does embody how I view Brazilian soccer, Press said. She takes the emotion and she brings it to the next level. Ive seen her cry on the field. Ive seen her scream on the field. Ive seen her so jubilant on the field. And just swing from the range of emotions that a player can have -- and that we all feel, but that I think a lot of us, especially in [the United States], try to bury them under a stone-cold assassin-type of mindset. She did the opposite.She just embraced how much she loved the game and how much it could hurt her. And she used that.How much she loved it and how much it could hurt her. Two sides of a coin for womens soccer in Brazil.Just as Marta is the product of a culture that both breathes soccer but also shunned and even outlawed women playing it for nearly four decades. A culture that still struggles to reconcile that contradiction.Just as a gold medal would be the capstone on one of the most culturally influential careers in modern sports but also its own reminder of the limits of any one individuals ability to effect change.Five times officially honored as FIFAs player of the year, Marta is perennially in the discussion as the worlds best female player. For others, the case is made why that label is merited. For Marta, the case must instead be made why it isnt. Best in the world has been her default setting for at least a decade.Missing from the résumé is a major tournament title, Brazil settling for silver medals in the 2004 and 2008 Olympics and the runner-up medal in the 2007 World Cup. These Olympics might not be her last chance to win. She will be 33 years old when the next World Cup takes place in France, essentially the same age as the most recent winners of that events Golden Ball: Carli Lloyd in 2015 and Japans Homare Sawa in 2011.Unless Marta chooses to make it so, this need not be a farewell.But there will never be an opportunity for a statement as powerful one made on home soil.Well-trod as it is by now, some of the history bears repeating. For much of the 20th century there was a law in Brazil, Decree Law 3199 passed under the presidency of Getulio Vargas in 1941, that prohibited females from playing soccer.When Pele played his first childhood game, it was illegal for girls to do the same. When he scored two goals against host Sweden to win the World Cup in 1958, the same was true. As it still was when he played his final game in 1977 in front of a full house at Giants Stadium.Not until 1979, just seven years before Marta was born, was the law officially repealed.The prohibition was no more complete than any prohibition on human behavior. There were still girls who played, of course. But the chilling effect was unmistakable, two distinct Brazilian experiences created.Like so many Brazilian boys, Pedro Rita grew up with the sport, anything even vaguely round enough to serve as a ball sufficient. He played professionally in Brazil and moved to the United States, where he is now the director of soccer development for a training facility in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and soccer director for the Michigan Tigers FC youth program. He isnt Pele or Neymar, but he is one version of the Brazilian soccer dream. He even wrote a childrens book inspired by his own life, about a boy who finds purpose through soccer.For so long in Brazil, it could only be a boys story.I never saw a girl playing soccer when I was a kid or even after I was a pro player, Rita said. It was just a sport girls wouldnt usually play.That, at least, is changing. It has changed even from Martas childhood two decades ago.I think that today we may not have the same amount of girls playing soccer than you see playing in the United States, for example, Marta said through translation when she played two games in the United States last fall. But it is a somewhat greater amount in Brazil than back when I started to play. And also, the sense of prejudice, discrimination was much greater back then, and although today we havent gotten rid of it 100 percent, a larger percentage of the Brazilian population accepts womens soccer in a more positive way.What she does not say is that she isnt just the beneficiary of that change but its catalyst.American Caitlin Fisher first went to Brazil in 2004 to play for Santos F.C., one of the legendary teams in Brazilian soccer. What she found was a second-class experience. Womens players walked miles to practice, washed their own uniforms and couldnt eat in the main dining room. She also saw passion that allowed teammates to put up with those conditions. After returning again to Santos in 2010, she and teammates formed the Guerreiras Project, which states as its mission to use futebol as a tool to promote gender justice and create possibilities for more equitable and sustainable ways of being.It is a grassroots effort to do workshops with children but also parents, train ambassadors within the sport, raise visibility and confront stereotypes. Just how grassroots is evident when Fisher notes that even Aline Pellegrino, a co-director of the project and a former longtime captain of the womens national team, can walk unrecognized in many cities. That stands in stark contrast to Alines former national team teammate, recognizable anywhere.While Marta had to go overseas to find a professional environment commensurate with her skills, a generation of Brazilian girls found it easier to play at home because of her.Marta has had a huge role in this as a role model for young girls and boys as this star icon in womens football, Fisher said. But being the best female player in the world five times over, that she in many ways has transcended gender, has represented Brazil, has been this phenomenal star, that it doesnt matter if shes a man or woman. ... Everyone knows her. Its incredible.I think that has opened a lot of doors for parents and families and others, letting young girls play and encouraging them to do so.But if it is easier for girls to want to be like Marta, it is hardly any easier to actually be her.Where it is easy to track the progression of programs of counties like France or Japan, once international afterthoughts but now powers, Brazil is a puzzle. Its successes, the deep Olympic and World Cup runs, seemingly meandered into dead ends. The team that fizzled in the World Cup a year ago looked more like one trying to hang on to past credibility more than improve on it. Brazil in many ways remains what it was when it beat the United States for the first time in 1997, a group with the talent to do just that but without the infrastructure to do it consistently.Only the prospect of the Olympics brought about at least short-term commitment to change that, Brazilian players training for the upcoming tournament in rare full-time residency settings.We had great moments with the national team, yet we didnt have enough support to go to competitions and get to the point where we could fight for titles, Marta said. Despite those difficulties, we made it. Now we have a better situation on the national team, yet I hope its not too late, because in a certain way we missed out on some of the best moments in the sport, like the [Olympic gold-medal] game in 2004, then 2007, 2008.But I believe theres still time for us to change that, even though we may not have all the recognition we should have.Between the thirst for gold medals familiar to an Olympic host and Brazils specific passion for soccer success in the wake of recent disappointments from the mens team, the Olympics offer an opportunity to claim recognition. As long as the women win, of course.As Marta put it: To demand results is an inherent part of Brazilians.But would results demand permanent change? Or would the same fate befall the womens program that befalls so many former Olympic venues, left to melt away once the world leaves?I do not believe anything will change for the womens side in Brazil, Rita said of a potential gold medal. Brazil soccer is very corrupted, and its being controlled by two or three people that are on top. No matter what happens with Brazil womens team, it will not give them more money to work. Brazil offers nothing for our players. Look at where the Brazilian players are playing and why. The system is dirty and sick, and I do not believe it will change soon.Change from the grassroots perspective might be more inevitable but its pace remains halting.Fishers time involved with womens football in Brazil parallels Martas international career (the latter made her major tournament debut at 17 years old in the 2003 World Cup). Even as she has seen opportunity and access grow, other forms of resistance remain. Gender stereotypes remain entrenched, for example, the womens game in mainstream settings carefully packaged to conform to traditional ideas of femininity (though that is hardly exclusive to Brazil).Theres been encouraging waves and moments and discouraging waves and moments, Fisher said. And its hard to say what is two steps forward and one step back, what is one step sideways. I think there is a lot of that. Its hard to figure out what is progress.All of which makes it hard to figure out exactly what it would mean even if the most visible ambassador of the womens game in Brazil achieved her greatest moment in the Maracana.It is not as easy as imagining a Brazilian version of the 1999 World Cup in the Rose Bowl.I prefer not to think of [the pressure to win] and make things happen, Marta said. And if we get a good result, itll be great for everyone. Cheap Air Max Shoes China . A statement from the worlds top-ranked player says all checks "were satisfactory and showed positive evolution" regarding the injury, which contributed to his loss to Stanislas Wawrinka in the final in Melbourne. Cheap Air Max China . Andrew Luck lost his favourite target and the Indianapolis locker room lost one of its most revered leaders when Reggie Wayne was diagnosed Monday with a torn anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee that will cost him the rest of the season. . Patrice Bergeron and Daniel Paille scored 20 seconds apart a few minutes after Stamkos was taken off the ice on a stretcher with a broken right leg, and the Bruins beat the Lightning 3-0 on Monday afternoon. Northampton director of rugby Jim Mallinder admitted the referee had no choice in sending Kieran Brookes off as his side went down 22-16 to Newcastle at Franklins Gardens.Referee Andrew Jackson showed forward Brookes a red card on 38 minutes for a dangerous shoulder charge to Scott Lawsons head in a ruck.The home fans booed the official off at half-time, but there was no complaint from Brookes or his team-mates. Despite having 14 men, Northampton came from behind to lead 16-15 with five minutes to go but Niki Goneva scored an 80-metre interception try to condemn Saints to a third home Aviva Premiership defeat this season.Mallinder said: Ive looked at it a few times and what happened was that someone put their head into the ruck, they came in and caused that first offence, Kieran Brookes took exception to that and their players took exception to Kieran Brookes.What you cant do is retaliate. You cant strike anybody near the head and the referee had no option. If youre behind in the game or ahead in the game, you dont want anyone getting sent off - it puts your team under a lot of pressure.But I think the 14 men responded really, really well in that second half and we should have come away with the win.Brookes is likely to be banned for next weeks trip to Leicester, which follows team-mate Calum Cllarks three-week suspension on Wednesday. Nike Air Max Supply From China. Northampton played better with 14 men after a lacklustre first-half display left them trailing 8-3 at the break.Mallinder said: It was a poor start, but I was pleased with the way we responded. We showed some pride in that second half and I suppose we should really have won the game.We were doing what we needed to, getting into their half, driving the lineout, but unfortunately the intercept really cost us.Victory sees Newcastle move up to seventh in the Premiership, two points behind Northampton, and director of rugby Dean Richards was delighted with the clubs third victory at the Gardens this century.He said: What a great win. And to be honest there were a couple of tries that went begging as well. It was an unbelievable start, and we had a try scratched off when it shouldnt have been.I havent looked at the sending off too closely, but if he has made contact with the head it is disappointing from Kierans point of view. In the second half we turned over a few balls, but we fought our way back and got the win that we wanted. Niki is a quality player, to step aside (Ben) Foden at the end for the try was sheer class. Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic Wholesale Jerseys China Cheap NFL Jerseys China NFL Cheap Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys ' ' '