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In an unexpected turn of events, Robert Wobbles Wright found himself going into the grand finals without dropping a set at the Evolution Championship Series in 2013, the same event that included all five gods of Super Smash Bros. . Melee. The beloved Ice Climbers player triumphed over Joseph Mango Marquez, Kevin PPMD Nanney and Juan Hungrybox Debiedma. But the storybook run came to an abrupt end as Mango recovered from the losers bracket to defeat Wobbles in two consecutive sets.Fans hoped that the second place finish at Evo 2013 was a start of things to come, but Wobbles lived true to his word and retired from competitive play. For the next couple of years, Wobbles shifted from a player to a community figure, primarily as a commentator at majors and as a teacher at local tournaments in Texas.Occasionally, he competed at larger regionals -- he did phenomenally well for a player out of commission -- defending his turf from the likes of Jason Mew2King Zimmerman, Weston Westballz Dennis, and Joey Lucky Aldama. Wobbles viewed Smash majors as fun events to hang out with friends. It wasnt always smooth sailing, though. In 2015, he entered Evo with Mario and finished in 129th place.On November 2015, Wobbles signed with esports team Panda Global as a commentator and a competitor. Since then, he has found himself competing at events with a mix of peaks and valleys in both performance and mindset. He performed well at the Low Tier City events in Texas, but he also finished an abysmal 97th at Genesis 3.While most Ice Climbers prefer efficiency by wobbling their opponents, Wobbles, despite what his name might suggest, prefers other unique options and uses de-syncs to create highlight-worthy combos. For Wobbles, the innovation brings him more enjoyment than mashing A at a set rhythm over and over again, but hes realized that this hasnt led to the best results.I look at some of the sets Ive lost, he said. There have been many close games where I lose by a stock because I went for a riskier play instead of wobbling.There are two Wobbles: one that loves to play for fun and one that plays competitively. Wobbles laments what competition turns him into, sheepishly admitting that he turns into a sore loser. Given his competitive drive, he notes that its very frustrating to play in try-hard mode.In a tournament set, I have to play safe when Im going for the win and focus on what works, he said. In the Peach matchup, I blizzard and set up walls for the entire match. Eventually, I get bored and mess up, then he takes the stock.Even when Wobbles won a set, he frequently left upset and tilted. He realized he was okay with playing competitively and wobbling against better players like Hungrybox or Mew2king, but he didnt always see it that way when facing players in a lower tier. Every moment against a better player was a learning experience for him to refine his gameplay. Coming off this epiphany, he shifted his mindset towards playing competitively against other players as well.Ive turned tournament sets into a teacher-student relationship with my opponent, he said. I bring in situations to see if they can deal with it. If they make dumb mistakes, then they need to learn. Im the teacher passing out the test.In regards to wobbling, he added, If my opponent ended up getting wobbled seven or eight times in a set, they clearly didnt pass the test. Study and come back next time because you didnt learn and certainly didnt deserve the win.The teacher-student mentality has liberated Wobbles from the issues of playing his hardest. Still, he knows hes at his best when his overall mindset is not so much about winning as it is about keeping a healthy mental state. In the past month, Wobbles has focused on playing Overwatch and strumming the guitar instead of grinding on Melee. This allows him to stay calm and become less frustrated with the game while maintaining his mood and energy levels.Back in 2013, I was having fun and enjoying the moment, he said. Defeating three gods and finishing in second was the byproduct. My main focus this time is just to have a good mindset, have fun, and enjoy myself as much as possible while not intentionally sabotaging my chances [by not wobbling].Pretty much the moment I am facing anybody who constitutes the slightest threat at Evo, theyre getting wobbled. Mercilessly.- PG Wobblin Wobbles (@PG_Wobbles) July 6, 2016A mentally healthy Wobbles is definitely a scary one. Hes performed well in Texas over the past two years, but can he perform at a national level again? Maybe well see a glimmer of Evo 2013 Wobbles this weekend. . You can watch the game live on TSN at 7:30pm et/4:30pm pt. The Flyers had won seven of eight before dropping their last two outings on consecutive days over the weekend. Philadelphia was handed a 6-3 loss by the visiting Tampa Bay Lightning on Saturday afternoon before dropping a 4-1 decision to the Rangers the following night in New York City. .com) - Following a late-game loss to the reigning NBA champs, the Toronto Raptors will look to sustain their recent high-level play as they travel to Indiana to take on the Pacers. . U.S. District Judge Lorna G. Schofield in Manhattan agreed that lawyers on both sides could make their formal requests by Nov. 8. A hearing is scheduled for a day earlier. Jordan Siev, a lawyer for Rodriguez, wrote in a joint letter to the judge from lawyers on both sides that MLB lawyers planned to ask that the lawsuit be dismissed. Carltons season has been all about building for the future but coach Brendon Bolton remains adamant he wont gift AFL debuts to players who havent earnt it.Of the clubs most recent draft class, top pick Jacob Weitering, key forward Charlie Curnow and father-son pick Jack Silvagni have all built solid foundations at senior level this season.That leaves tall forward Harry McKay and midfielder David Cuningham as the only untried players remaining from the last draft.But even with just three games left in the season, Bolton isnt tempted to have a look at them at senior level with an eye to next season unless they force his hand.You earn the opportunity, Ive said that all year, and I wont be changing that, Bolton said. .It would be great for our whole draft class to have played, but theyve had a few niggling injuries as well.But (Cuningham) is a talented player, hes really good in and around stoppages and we hope hell be a long-term player for us.Very similar (with McKay), hes had some injuries ... its just about the continuity and the timing of it.Wed like to think (hell debut) but we cant be locked on that.The Blues are currently 15th with a 6-13 record, with games against Brisbane, Melbourne and Essendon to round out Boltons first season in charge. Cheap Jerseys Store Wholesale NFL Gear Jerseys From China China NFL GearCheap NFL Jerseys Outlet Jerseys NFL Cheap Cheap NFL Womens Jerseys Stitched Jerseys Black China NFL Jerseys China Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys Outlet Cheap NFL Jerseys Camo Camo China NFL Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys 2020 Cheap Jerseys 2020 Discount NFL Jerseys Wholesale NFL White Jerseys Wholesale NFL White Jerseys Wholesale NFL Gear Cheap Jerseys 2020 ' ' '