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ociated Press has reported that Guanabara Bay has shown astronomically high level of viruses for which the sta

In the three major titles currently at the forefront of competitive gaming -- League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and Dota 2 -- the words North America can sometimes be seen in a joking context. Orange Nike Air Max 2018 .Words uttered with futility.Large clubs, little talent.During the qualifiers running up to Dota 2s world championship in Seattle, The International, the head coach of two-time Majors champion OG, Sébastien 7ckingMad Debs, posted out on social media:Watching [European qualification] all day and then watching this s***show [NA qualifiers], I cant believe the ratio to qualify is actually highest in this one, its bulls***.To be fair, from an outsiders perspective, he was correct. North America did look like a mashup of recently shuffled teams, amateur clubs and high-level amateur players banding together for maybe their one shot at making Seattle. In Europe, which had produced every finalist team at a Major this year going into The International with OG, Team Secret, and Team Liquid, the competition seemed fierce to make it through the daunting qualifiers onwards to Seattle. Staples to The International such as Team Empire and failed to qualify, while intriguing upstarts like Ad Finem from Greece were ousted.Feel free to put together another one of your s*** teams and come lose in the NA qualifier next year, responded defending world champion captain Peter ppd Dager of Evil Geniuses, never shy about sharing his opinion on matters.For all the laughter at the expense of North America, ppd and Evil Geniuses were the one bastion of credibility for the North American fans. EG, following the 2014 tournament where it ended up third, ran through the gauntlet of clubs at The International 2015 to hoist the Aegis as a primarily American team in front of the home crowd fans. After watching South Koreans dominate in StarCraft II and League of Legends while the Europeans (and now Brazilians) devoured all the Counter-Strike hardware, the American fans had a team they could fully get behind with the ability to win it all.This year, especially after those comments for the world to see, ppd could have ended up looking like a fool. Evil Geniuses had won the year prior, but nothing is a sure thing in the world of esports. Its especially the case in the topsy-turvy scene of Dota 2. The squad, which had recently reacquired former players Saahil Universe Arora and Ludwig Zai W?hlberg, was forced to work its way through the open qualifiers due to changing the roster after the Manila Major.The team climbed its way up the rungs of the ladder to eventually qualify for the tournament, but there were still some worries if it could perform. Universe was considered the MVP of the team from last years run to the Aegis, yet he left the team in the middle of the year to follow fellow team member Arteezy Babaev to the Shanghai Major-winning Team Secret, which was putting together an all-star roster. Zai, also a former EG member who left the team to join Team Secret, had been out of professional play for almost a year, having decided to put pro-gaming on hold until he graduated from high school.Rumors even swirled after Arteezy and Universes departure that 17-year-old prodigy Syed Sumail Hassan and veteran Clinton Fear Loomis would also leave the world champion organization; however, those reports never came to fruition and the two stayed on the team. There was upheaval and drama abound for Evil Geniuses, just like a majority of the North American teams across the three major competitive gaming titles.Yet despite the lukewarm debut of the new starting five at SL i-League StarSeries Season 2 (the team came in a disappointing fifth out of eight teams), Evil Geniuses thus far at The International has looked the part of a defending champion. It did well in the group stages to get second place for an automatic bid into the upper bracket, and the campaign at the main event up to this point has been awe-inspiring.Newbee was EGs first victim at the KeyArena in Seattle with a convincing sweep, and then the upper bracket semifinal versus EHOME could, and probably will, go down as one of the best series in The Internationals six-year history. In the first game where it appeared as if Evil Geniuses were done and ready to roll over into game two with as Mega Creeps converged on the squad from all corners of the map, the pride of North America didnt break. The Chinese powerhouse continually attempted to knock down the heart of the EG base, but, again and again, the five Evil Geniuses held strong, playing like a team that had been together the entire year.One. Two. Three times. On and on EHOME went to knockout the kings, and it broke open the door. EHOMEs Wang Old Chicken Zhiyong went for a desperate individual backdoor play after all four his teammates were wiped away from the map by EG, but, like all the other attempts, it didnt succeed. As cool, calm, and collected as you like, the winners of last years International fended off everything thrown at them and stampeded down to the Chinese teams base to take home the victory in one of the most memorable games in Dota 2 history. Seventy-five minutes in game one led to a relatively quick win for EG in game two, with EHOME never finding its bearings again.It feels a lot like last year, answered ppd in an interview immediately following the sweep over EHOME. Two of my teammates left last year, and that sucks, but then we come to TI and I see all these European teams losing, and I find myself against China in the winner bracket. So Im hoping well have something similar to last year, but well have to wait in see.Evil Geniuses has made it to the top three of the last three Internationals.At those events, EG has played 10 matches -- one against Complexity, a fellow North American organization, and nine against Chinese teams. Each of those tournaments, EG started in the upper bracket and never ran into a European team. Today, its 10th match against a Chinese team will commence, as the team will play the unpredictable and zany Wings Gaming.You can say ppds salty or arrogant, but his words have been backed up on the largest stage in competitive gaming. All of the teams based in Europe or from the European qualifiers have been eliminated, meaning 7ckingMads comments lack merit. Here PPD and Evil Geniuses sit in the upper bracket finals, facing another Chinese team as the crowd chants USA! USA! USA! endlessly behind them with Europe mysteriously nowhere to be seen.Not too bad for a team playing from a joke of a region, right? Official Air Max 2018 Shoes . Ivanovic was leading 7-5, 1-0 when Hantuchova withdrew after falling 0-40 behind in the second game. The match started slowly for Ivanovic, who surrendered her first two serves as Hantuchova took a 5-3 lead. Authentic Air Max 2018 . Vaives lawyer Trevor Whiffen claims the former 50-goal man wasnt provided with a copy of the claim beforehand and that he would not have agreed to the allegations made against the NHL had he been asked to review its contents. . -- Matt Kuchar and Harris English ran away with the Franklin Templeton Shootout, shooting a 14-under 58 on Sunday in the final-round scramble to break the tournament course record. WASHINGTON -- The chief organizer of the Rio de Janeiro Olympics says security is his top concern, well ahead of the Zika virus.Sidney Levy, CEO of the Rio Organizing Committee, said Tuesday that keeping athletes and visitors safe from terrorism and other crime is his No. 1 top priority. He called the biggest fear lone wolf attackers.Differently from Zika, securitys at the top of my list -- the very top of my list, Levy said at a Council of the Americas event. We should never forget that these days we live in a society thats very in danger.The plan is to have 85,000 security personnel on the streets. Levy said the 2013 visit of Pope Francis and the 2014 World Cup were tests for Brazil.Francisco Dornelles, Rios acting governor, warned on Monday that budget shortfalls could compromise security and transit at the games. Levy said intelligence officials from 100 different countries are in Brazil monitoring potential threats.Zika, a virus linked to birth defects, has drawn widespread international concern. Levy stressed he does not worry about the virus and said none of the people working for him has contracted Zika. He pointed to expected cooler temperatures during the Olympics in his attempt to assuage fears.If I have to write on a piece of paper my top 10 worries today, Zika wouldnt be there, he said. Im not saying its not a public health issue. It is a public health issue. But we are going into the winter months in Rio and if you see every statistic of last years mosquitos proliferation in the summer and in the winter, it goes very high up in February and reaches the peak, which is the height of the summer. It starts going down, down, down. Right now its almost zero.Levy said Rio organizers did not expect this level of concern over Zika, and he acknowledged that more people around the world are worried about it than Brazilians are. Several high-profile athletes cited it as their reason for withdrawing from the Olympics.We thought that there were too many people here in the States talking about Zika and this is tooo much. Black Air Max 95 2018. This is too much. Too many negative comments, Levy said. I think it was good for them to hear other voices.Levy was less optimistic about water pollution, saying Rio failed on its promise to clean 80 percent of it by the Olympics, which are set for Aug. 5-21. He said four of the five sites on the Guanabara Bay are tested daily for bacteria and will not pose any problems and left open the possibility of moving the other.The fifth area is closer to the shore and were testing that and depending on the rain and the wind sometimes good, sometimes not so good, Levy said. If closer to the games we see that this is not good enough, were going to change the location to further down the sea. Were very committed to not put at risk any athlete during the competition.The Associated Press has reported that Guanabara Bay has shown astronomically high level of viruses for which the state is not testing.Another issue is the political turmoil in the country. Levy is unsure about the upcoming vote to impeach President Dilma Rousseff, which likely will take place in August.We do pray for the impeachment vote to happen before the games, Levy said. If that prayer is not answered, we hope that (will) happen after the games. We asked the president personally about that, but he cant control his congress and senate. Were going to have to manage whatever happens. It would be ideal of that to happen before the Olympics.Levy said the subway is almost ready and that the light rail is having its soft opening. Because those modes of transportation are new and Brazil has never hosted an event of this magnitude.Security is, of course, part of the core of the agenda, Levy said. But I would say today the main issue for me is the combination of all that: How to make all that work simultaneously on the very first day. .... First day everybodys watching. Its going to have to work. Thats what worries me. Cheap NFL JerseysCheap NFL Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic Wholesale Jerseys China Cheap NFL Jerseys China NFL Cheap Jerseys ' ' '