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Liberty Medias investment in Formula One earlier this year triggered a spate of speculation about its plans to grow the sport in the U. Air Max TN Store .S.A. Although nothing has been confirmed, there is hope that at least two additional rounds could be held on American soil alongside the already popular U.S. Grand Prix at the Circuit of the Americas.Such plans may be a long way off fruition, but we couldnt resist putting together a list of dream stateside F1 venues (no matter how unrealistic they may be).New YorkA grand prix on the streets of New York has been at the top of F1s wish list for as long as the championship has existed. Even in Bernie Ecclestones wildest dreams a race in downtown Manhattan is unlikely, but it was not so long ago that New Jersey constructed a pit and paddock building on the banks of the Hudson River for the proposed Grand Prix of America.A lack of funding saw that plan fall through, but since then Formula E has secured a race in Brooklyn with the Statue of Liberty and lower Manhattan as a backdrop. With the right amount of funding a race in New York is not impossible, but it will require greater willingness from those controlling the purse strings at the top of the sport.Las VegasF1 and Las Vegas would be perfect partners, and according to Bernie Ecclestone a preliminary contract is in place. But whether the race ever becomes a reality is another matter and once again it will come down to money ... lots of money. F1 last raced in Americas gambling heartland in 1982 on a circuit located in the car park of Caesars Palace, but by all accounts the dull track layout meant it was a huge opportunity missed.Champ Car ran on a pretty wild street circuit in 2006, but what F1 really wants is a race along Las Vegas world-famous Strip. Imagine a night race under the neon lights of the casinos, with sparks flying on the straights and brake discs glowing in the corners. It still might just happen.MiamiWhile were on the subject of street races, how about a race along Ocean Drive in Miami Beach? A twilight race would allow the Art Deco neon to be shown off in all its splendour and fans could go for a dip in the Atlantic before FP3. Formula E currently hosts a race on the other side of the bay, but the track is far too tight and small to accommodate F1 cars. Unlikely, yes, but this is a dream list after all.Laguna SecaStreet circuits are all well and good, but there is no substitute for a true drivers track. Laguna Seca in California is just that, and although short at just 2.2 miles long, it packs in some mind-bending corners. The signature sequence is known as the Corkscrew and features a chicane that drops away on entry, unlike anything on the F1 calendar today.Turns 3, 4 and 5 were all added with an F1 race in mind back in 1989, but ultimately the powers that be decided to take F1 to the streets of Phoenix instead. Former F1 driver Marc Gene holds the unofficial lap record at Laguna Seca, with a 1:05.768 set on a single flying lap in a Ferrari F2003 GA in 2012.Watkins GlenFor two decades this picturesque circuit in New York State hosted the U.S. Grand Prix, but it was dropped from the calendar in 1981 after being unable to afford necessary safety updates. Since then the circuit has undergone a series of upgrades and currently sits at Grade 2 level in the FIAs list of licensed circuit (Grade 1 is required for an F1 race).IndyCar still uses a layout very similar to the old grand prix circuit, so theres no reason why F1 couldnt do the same with the necessary safety tweaks.Road AtlantaOK, well admit it, the undulating and sweeping corners of Road Atlanta probably wouldnt lend themselves to the best racing on a Sunday, but what a show qualifying would be! The likes of Suzuka and Monaco rarely allow good racing, but their old-school layouts add something that a street race or a Tilke-drome simply cannot.Road Atlanta would do the same. The circuit is currently licensed at Grade 2 level by the FIA, so as long as Grade 1 modifications wouldnt ruin the character of the track, it would be a very welcome addition to the F1 calendar.Long BeachFor eight years the Long Beach street circuit to the south of Los Angeles hosted a grand prix on a challenging and undulating track. The original 1976 layout would still be the dream circuit, with the Le Gasomet and Queens Hairpins separated by a long sweeping straight along Shoreline Drive.IndyCar still races on a truncated version of the old layout and an F1 return has been talked about as recently as 2014. IndyCars contract with the race promoters ends in 2018, so no doubt speculation about F1 replacing it will be fired up again in a years time.SonomaA mixture of oversteer-inducing crests and corners make the Sonoma Raceway one of the more challenging road circuits on the IndyCar calendar. Watching an F1 car round here in qualifying trim would be a treat, and if NASCAR and IndyCar can race on its narrow track theres no reason why grand prix cars cant do the same.Daytona: 24-Hour LayoutAlthough F1 is unlikely to return to Indianapolis anytime soon, there is another oval with a road course layout that is almost as iconic. The circuit used for the Daytona 24 Hours takes to the infield of the famous tri-oval, but also uses large parts of the daunting 31-degree banking. Making tyres that are up to the test might be an issue, but if that hurdle can be overcome F1 would put on a great show for the 101,000-capacity crowd.Virginia International RacewayThis one is arguably the longest longshot on the list. VIR was designed and built by a bunch of wealthy car enthusiasts in 1957 and was one of the first permanent road courses in the U.S.A. It closed in 1974 and much of the space was converted back to farmland, but in the year 2000 it reopened as a motorsport resort.The 3.2-mile circuit follows the centreline of the original track and features a series of fast and flowing corners, with names such as Hogs Pen, Roller Coaster and Bitch. Currently Trans-Am and IMSA Sports Cars are the two biggest racing series visiting the narrow VIR annually, making F1 extremely unlikely.You can vote on our favourite from this list of ten in the poll below:? Stan Smith Store . Thousands of Southern California fans enveloped the Trojans to celebrate an improbable win secured by an interim coach, an inconsistent kicker and a thin defence that wouldnt break. Cheapest Air Force 1 . Bryant, who signed a five-year, $34 million contract as a free agent with Cleveland in March, reported symptoms on Monday morning, a team spokesman said. . Haas said he "felt a lot of pain" in his right shoulder when he slammed his racket to the ground in frustration after losing his serve at 3-3 in the first set. How often has a captain declared on the first day of a Test, as Faf du Plessis did in Adelaide? asked Nick Battcock from England South Africas opportunistic closure in Adelaide last week - which came after Faf du Plessis overheard the umpires telling David Warner he couldnt bat straight away - was only the fourth time in Test history that a captain had declared on the opening day. The first instance was as late as 1949… and wasnt actually legal under the regulations in force at the time. Englands captain George Mann was forced to apologise after declaring at 313 for 9 late on the first day against New Zealand at Lords. The regulations in England had, since 1946, allowed a first-day declaration if the total was past 300 - but that was only for county cricket and not for international matches, even though those New Zealand Tests lasted only three days (they were all drawn, after which all Tests in England were scheduled for five). The New Zealanders were not too bothered, as they didnt lose a wicket in the last 15 minutes of the day. Since then Intikhab Alam closed Pakistans first innings at 130 for 9 on a rain-affected pitch at Lords in 1974 (England lost one wicket before the close), and Michael Clarke called his side in at 237 for 9 near the end of the first day against India in Hyderabad in 2012-13. Clarke and du Plessis ended up losing, while Intikhab and Mann drew the Tests.Parthiv Patel made a Test comeback against England after around eight years - and more than 80 Tests - out of the side. Was this a record? asked Chandra Nagarajah from IndiaParthiv Patel, who returned to Indias side in Mohali after an injury to Wriddhaman Saha, had missed 83 matches since his previous Test, against Sri Lanka in Colombo in August 2008. It meant that Parthiv reclaimed a record he had held once before: he had already missed 43 Tests between October 2004 and his recall for that match in Sri Lanka in 2008. That was the Indian record until Piyush Chawla missed 49 matches between 2007-08 and 2012-13. Parthivs gap is not an Indian record in terms of time, as Lala Amarnath went more than 12 years between Test appearances in 1933-34 and 1946.New Zealands new opener Jeet Raval was born in India. How many other overseas players have they had? asked Khanwakar David from India The Auckland opener Jeet Raval became the 25th person born outside New Zealand to be capped by them in a Test, when he made his debut against Pakistan in Christchurch earlier this month. Hes the fourth from India after Ted Badcock - whos theoretically New Zealand Test player No. 1, being the earliest in alphabetical order from their inaugural Test against England in Christchurch in 1929-30) - 1960s offspinner Tom Puna (who, like Raval, was born in Gujarat), and legspinner Ish Sodhi (born in Ludhiana), who played in the recent series in India. Three of Ravals team-mates in the recent Test in Hamilton were also born overseas: BJ Watling and Neil Wagner in South Africa, and Colin de Grandhomme in nearby Zimbabwe. Badcock was born in Abbottabad, which is now part of Pakistan. Six New Zealand Test players were born in England (Roger Blunt, Roy Harford, Mark Haslam, Vic Pollard, Roger Twoose and Justin Vaughan) and six in Australia (Dean Brownlie, Doug Freeman, Ken Hough, Mathew Sinclair, Dennis Smith and Scott Styris). Air Max Wholesale China. Grant Elliott, Colin Munro and Kruger van Wyk were also born in South Africa; the other countries involved are Kenya (Dipak Patel), Scotland (Charles Rowe) and Trinidad (Sam Guillen).Whats the lowest Test total by a team who won by an innings? asked Vamsi M from India The lowest total that was sufficient to win a Test by an innings is 153, by Australia in Melbourne in 1931-32. On a vicious pitch affected by rain, they bowled South Africa out for 36 and 45, with the venerable slow left-armer Bert Dainty Ironmonger - he was two months short of his 50th birthday - taking 5 for 6 in the first innings and 6 for 18 in the second. Australia, for whom Don Bradman was unable to bat after injuring himself in the dressing room, thus won by an innings and 72 runs. That 153 is actually the fewest required to win a Test by any margin, although it was threatened by Englands 156 runs - 81 for 7 declared and 75 for 6 - to defeat West Indies (102 and 51 for 6 dec) on another sticky wicket in Bridgetown in 1934-35. I noticed that England won ten consecutive ODIs in 2012. Was this a record? asked George Robinson from England That successful sequence started in February 2012 in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, where England won four one-day internationals in a row against Pakistan. They then beat West Indies in two matches at home in June 2012, before taking all four completed games of a series against Australia. The run - Englands best in ODIs - came to an end when South Africa won by 80 runs in Southampton in August. The sequence included two abandoned games and a no-result. The best run of all is Australias 21 successive wins between January and May 2003, a period that included that years World Cup in South Africa. Pakistan (2007-08) and South Africa (2005) come next, with 12 wins in a row.Whats the highest partnership in Tests between Nos. 10 and 11 in the batting order? asked Harry Johnston from England The highest partnership in Tests by the last two batsmen in the order is 128, by the England fast bowlers Ken Higgs (63) and John Snow (59 not out) against West Indies at The Oval in 1966. It completed a remarkable revival by England, who reached 527 after being 166 for 7. The stand - two short of the tenth-wicket record in Tests at the time - is recalled in the recent book The Conquests of 1966 by Brian Scovell, a journalist who covered that memorable Test series as well as Englands victory in the football World Cup. Finally David Holford threw up a flighted ball, and Higgs drove it nicely back at him to catch just off his bootlaces, he wrote. The history-making last stand was over. There have now been eight higher tenth-wicket partnerships in Tests, but all of them featured a higher-ranked batsman alongside the No. 11. The biggest of all is 198, between Joe Root (Englands No. 5) and last man Jimmy Anderson, against India at Trent Bridge in 2014.Post your questions in the comments below ' ' '