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nths to pass through your system and youre fine. Also See: Khan: Id box for Pakistan

A father whose son was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma has called for further research into a possible link between cancer and rubber material found on artificial pitches. Raheem Sterling Jersey . Nigel Maguires son, Lewis, 18, was a triallist at Leeds United when the promising goalkeeper fell ill two years ago.Mr Maguire, a former Cumbria NHS chief executive, wants to see more research carried out on the pitches, similar to that being done in the United States, despite FIFA and the Manufacturers Associations assertion the synthetic surfaces are safe. A previous study in the US claimed there is a link between the use of the rubber on the artificial pitches, which is made from recycled tyres, and cancer. The only research that they have conducted, and they have done some, and that is to their credit, is they have looked at whether vapours or gasses are released when this crumb rubber is spread on the pitches, Mr Maguire told Sky Sports News HQ. Nigel Maguire, whos son has been diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma, has called for more research into a possible link between cancer and crumb rubber on 3G pitches Under normal atmospheric conditions the research is clear - there is no adverse gasses coming from this crumb rubber. However, they have not done, as far as Im aware, any research as to what the impact is of actually ingesting this stuff, actually swallowing it, getting it into your eyes, getting it into your mucus, getting it into your cuts and grazes.The idea of asking children to effectively take half a teaspoon of this stuff every week, swallow it and then think that was a good idea - no, I dont think that is a good idea.I will only rest assured when I know more detailed research has actually been done on this and that people can very clearly say there is no direct link. Then Ill rest easy, but in the meantime I am not going to let this one go and I am going to work with my colleagues in America.The Football Association wants to double the number of full-sized 3G pitches in English grassroots football by 2020 but, while they believe there is no scientific evidence linking the crumb rubber to cancer, the FA says it will monitor the situation. Report claims link between 3G pitches and cancer A US study claims there is a link between the rubber used on 3G pitches and cancer Lewis saw former US Womens soccer international Amy Griffin talk on Sky Sports News HQ about a survey she had carried out surrounding the artificial pitches and their potential risks.I was diagnosed, then I got better and thought everything was done and I played on the 3G surfaces again and was told I was ill again and I didnt think anything of it, Lewis said. But I was watching Sky Sports News and she mentioned that two people she knew that played on it got lymphoma, which is what I had, so that was when I got a bit concerned.And then she mentioned she did a survey on 160 footballers that got it and 60 per cent of them were goalkeepers and to say there is only one goalkeeper in a team of 11, that is pretty bad. Playing on it might not be bad but swallowing it and getting into your cuts cant be great as you dont know what it is.Asked if he had swallowed the rubber pellets, Lewis said: Quite a lot because you are on the floor and its going up in the air every time you dive and a lot of the time you realise it is in your mouth so a lot of the time Id have been swallowing it as well.I just carried on with my game because you dont think that if it is on thousands of pitches across the world it is going to have any sort of effect on you.His father says three US government agencies - the Environmental Protection Agency, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Consumer Product Safety Commission - will undertake an independent review into the health impact of people playing on the rubber.They are spending $2m (£1.4m) on undertaking a piece of research because of their concerns, because questions need to be answered, he said. I am calling upon the government and sports governing bodies to answer those questions directly and not to hide behind the industry response which is they have conducted the research. They have conducted some but, in my view, not nearly enough. A new artificial pitch English footballs governing body examined many studies on artificial surfaces from the University of California and the Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences Institute, among others.An FA spokesperson said: The numerous scientific studies conducted by government agencies around the world, and undertaken by independent experts have all validated the human health and environmental safety of 3G pitches and crumb rubber.The FA adheres to the latest independent evidence which indicates that 3G pitches in the UK which are built to industry-standard specifications are safe.A FIFA spokesperson said: FIFAs Medical Assessment and Research Center (F-MARC) in cooperation with UEFA conducted an analysis of this matter in 2006.At that time, the conclusion was clear: the available body of scientific research on this issue did not substantiate the assumption that cancer resulting from exposure to SBR granulate infills in artificial turf could potentially occur. Since then, several independent research have been conducted - the latest being from 2015 - reaching similar conclusions. FIFA will continue monitoring and analysing any new evidence produced on this matter. Also See: Claims over 3G pitches and cancer Table Live on Sky Get Sky Sports Aleksandar Kolarov Jersey . Miller finished in two minutes, 6.09 seconds, one day before the first medal race on the Alpine schedule. The 36-year-old American also turned in the top time in Thursdays opening training session. David Silva Jersey . This should be celebrated because it will not always be this way. With the amount of money given to players by their clubs these days, it is a wonder that so many of those teams allow the sport to continue to take away many of their assets so they can play for a different team in the middle of their season. . Those lessons were more than enough to overwhelm the Utah Jazz. Lou Williams scored 25 points and the Hawks continued their offensive upswing as they rolled to an easy 118-85 victory over the Jazz on Friday night, winning their third straight and for the fourth time in five games.Four-time major champion Rory McIlroy looks set to compete at this summers Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro after having his mind put at ease over the potential threat of the Zika virus. World No 3 McIlroy is expected to represent Ireland in Brazil as golf returns to the Olympic schedule for the first time since 1904.However, last month McIlroy revealed that he still had concerns over competing - citing the ongoing Zika epidemic as a potential deterrent. The 27-year-old recently became engaged to fiance Erica Stoll and was considering withdrawing from the competition as the Zika virus has been linked to birth defects in new-born babies.Former Masters and US PGA champion Vijay Singh and Australian golfer Marc Leishman have already signalled their intention to miss the games. McIlroy is set to represent Ireland at the Olympics But McIlroy now looks set to compete after having his concerns eased by health professionals.  Ive sought out some advice and I had two dead shoulders for about four days last week because I got my shots and whatever I needed to get for going down there, McIlroy told a press conference on Wednesday.Obviously, theres no vaccination for Zika. I think what the health experts are really worried about, its not the individual cases. Fijian Vijay Singh has signalled his intention to miss the games due to the virus Its the fact that 500,000 people go to Rio and they spend three weeks at the Games, they go back out of Rio and some might have contracted Zika and dont know about it, and then all of a sudden instead of it being this virus thats contained in a certain part of the world, its now a global epidemic. Willy Caballero Jersey. .And I think thats the real concern. So for me to go down there, even if I was to get Zika, its six months and its a virus and it works its way out of your system.And its nice that we can come back, and [if you] feel like youve had some of the symptoms down there, you can get tested for it, and its either a yes or a no youve had it. Masters champion Danny Willett is yet to decide on his participation in Brazil Im ready to play. I feel like the advice Ive sought out over the past 10 days has put my mind at ease and makes me more comfortable going down there knowing that, even if I do contract Zika, its not the end of the world.It takes six months to pass through your system and youre fine. Also See: Khan: Id box for Pakistan in Rio Russia seeks Rio compromise New sports recommended for Tokyo Rio go-ahead for pro boxers Wholesale Jerseys China ' ' '