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LOS ANGELES -- Love him or hate him, Draymond Green has cemented himself as one of the most entertaining, polarizing and outspoken figures in the NBA. Mujer Air Max 270 Coral Stardust/Negras-Summit Blancas .Green, the Golden State Warriors unquestioned emotional leader, says exactly whats on his mind. Hes boisterous, forthright and unapologetic. And he learned it from his mother, Mary Babers-Green.My mom. Growing up with her, she always taught us to say whatever. Like, You think something, say it. Dont bite your tongue for people, Green told ESPN in an exclusive sitdown interview. I think theres a fine line with that, but at the same time Im a firm believer in speaking your mind. Part of it is definitely the way I was raised, but part of it is, s---, I grew up in Saginaw, Michigan. No matter what, s---, if you didnt speak up, you were going to get ran over.Just this season alone, Green has delivered some strong statements, calling out Paul Pierce, criticizing Boston Celtics fans for booing Kevin Durant, issuing a warning to teams not to give the ball to the player hes guarding with the game on the line, and most recently suggesting the league office enroll in kinesiology courses in order to properly assess where his feet should land.For Greens standards, such comments are merely considered a normal day in the basketball office. He said one of the reasons his quotes are dissected more than those of his peers is due to his candidness.Its genuine, Green stated. I think when you look around this league, so much is scripted. And not scripted in a sense that the league is scripted, but when guys talk, its like, Say this. Yeah, come out and say that. Like, nah, Im not doing that. Im going to say whats on my mind. Im going to say whats on my heart. Its just genuine speaking. I think a lot of stuff around this league, youre coached up to say this or somebody told you to say that.Weve got great P.R. people and I think they do an amazing job. Theyve never told me anything wrong; nonetheless, I like having my own voice. I know anytime I say something when Im going to face heat, but Im willing to face that heat. Its not like Im going to run from it. I dont run from anything.But, as the leader of the team, he has learned to walk carefully at times.I think being in this position that Im in, you cant necessarily say everything you want to say.The thought of Green as someone who holds back is mighty difficult to believe.Nah, trust me. Trust me. Theres a lot that I hold back, Green reiterated with a big grin. Most of the time, its just for the betterment of my team. I think in certain situations, especially when youre in a team sport, sometimes you have to take into consideration what others can handle. Its not necessarily what you can handle. And I know some of the stuff I would say, the things that it would bring and it would probably be a distraction, so I stay away from it. I definitely hold back quite a bit.If Green says something that goes viral, he will frequently seek the opinion and counsel of Warriors general manager Bob Myers.The two have formed a unique, tight-knit bond.Bob is like a life coach, Green said. Sometimes I will say something and Bob will be like, Yeah, but think about it like this. And Ill be like, Damn, thats right, Bob. All right, you made me look at something from a different perspective.Hell call me with suggestions, Myers told ESPN, and hell ask what I think, but its a relationship with good reciprocation. Ill ask him hows the team doing or what direction do you think were going in. Is it good or bad? When he says the things he says, hes obviously in the media to a degree because of our team and who he is that allows him to have a position to say whats on his mind. And most of the time hes great. Ill just ask him why he says certain things and what hes hoping to accomplish. And if he does say something [controversial], he doesnt say a ton that I dont like, but Ill ask him did he think about what that might sound like to other people.But the biggest compliment it pays me is I think he listens. They dont have to listen. Just because Im a GM, that doesnt mean they listen to you. A title is fine, but if thats all it is youre not going to get through to a player in my opinion.When asked if hed like to have back any of the controversial comments from this season, Green just began to laugh.Not really, he replied after a pause. I think theres been a few things that Ive kind of looked at from a different perspective, but it was still absolutely what I meant to say and I still feel that way.Greens bravado might make people feel uneasy, but its a trait Myers loves about him.A lot of people walk in the room and you dont know if theyre there or not. You know when Draymond is in the room and when hes not, Myers said and that to me is a compliment.Anderson Varejao played seven seasons in Cleveland with one the leagues most opinionated players in LeBron James. The Warriors reserve center gave his thoughts on what Green brings to the table.Hes the most vocal guy in this locker room, Varejao said. It feels like when were playing a tough game out there, it feels like he always knows what to say. Everything starts with him, especially our defense. He gets everybody going. Hes a guy that everybody respects a lot and I respect him even more since coming over here and seeing how hard he works.Added Myers: I tell him thats my favorite quality in you is that you cant stand losing. But theres character flaws that come with that. I think the most competitive people in life dont love to win, they hate to lose. And people that hate to lose sometimes can rub people the wrong way. Kobe Bryant, I think he hated to lose a ton more than he loved to win. So we talk about that and whats the best way to go about that. But thats Draymond. He makes you want to win, he makes you want to be better. Baratas Air Max 270 Flyknit Marrones/Metallic Plata/Negras . Defenceman Yannick Weber scored the go-ahead goal early in the third period and the Canucks breathed a sigh of relief with a 2-1 win on Saturday night. España Hombre Air Max 270 Blancas Volt . Brazilian national coach Luiz Felipe Scolari has confirmed that the veteran goalkeeper is set to join Toronto on loan, saying it will help him be ready for the World Cup. . -- In a span of seven Washington Redskins offensive plays, Justin Tuck sacked Robert Griffin III four times. HARVEY, La. -- The man who police say?fatally shot ex-NFL player Joe McKnight?during a road rage dispute was jailed on a manslaughter charge as a sheriff angrily defended the investigation Tuesday, saying authorities strategically waited for days to make the arrest because they needed to find independent witnesses.Ronald Gasser, 54, was initially taken into custody after the shooting on Thursday, but he was released?without being charged, drawing heated criticism from protesters who said race played a role in the investigation. Gasser, who is white, was arrested late Monday. McKnight was black.Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Normand pounded on a podium during a news conference explaining the investigation.This isnt about race. Not a single witness has said ... one racial slur was uttered, the sheriff said.The case comes at a time of intense scrutiny in the African-American community about the shootings of black men, in particular by police. While this case doesnt involve a police shooting, it has drawn protests at the sheriffs department.Its not clear whether Gasser has an attorney. Attempts to reach Gassers family were unsuccessful Tuesday.The sheriff said the dispute between the men started on a bridge and proceeded into a New Orleans suburb, with both men driving erratically and yelling at each other. Eventually, the cars came to a stop and McKnight confronted Gasser, who was still seated in his car, the sheriff said. Gasser pulled out a gun and shot McKnight three times, killing him. When deputies arrived, the sheriff said Gasser handed them his gun and said he shot McKnight, 28.The sheriff said McKnight did have a gun in his vehicle but no evidence suggested he insinuated anything about it. It was his stepfathers gun and his stepfathers vehicle.During the news conference, the sheriff read aloud some of the derogatory remarks about the investigation, including racially charged comments.We have sometimes unrealistic expectations of how these things work ... you dont just run out and start slapping cuffs on people, Normand said.He noted that on Thursday, Gasser gave authorities a statement that included him being fearful and defending himself, saying that McKnight had made threatening comments. At that point, authorities hadnt interviewed any independent witnesses. One person they had talked to lied to authorities about what happened, the sheriff said.Normand said that had an arrest been made Thursday, he was certain people would be afraid to come forward. Instead, authorities identified more than 250 people they wanted to talk to by identifying license plates in the area at the time, and conducted more than 160 interviews. The sheriff said several witnesses werre the key to making the arrest and made comments contradicting Gassers statements. Nike Air Max 270 Blancas Mujer. e also pointed out that Gasser didnt ask for an attorney but instead sat with authorities for over 10 hours of interviews in the days after the shooting and gave permission for them to search his home.Normand also pushed back against questions about whether he understood the fear that a shooting like this had brought about among some in the black community.Lets not try to make this out to be something that it is not. What we had were two adult males engaged in unacceptable behavior that did not understand how to deal with conflict resolution, he said.The sheriff did not want to go into details about why he felt Gasser should be arrested even though the state has a version of the stand your ground law.Louisianas law holds that people dont have a duty to retreat and can meet force with force if they reasonably believe that using deadly force is necessary.Law experts say its not a blanket excuse.When you use lethal force, its got to be proportional, Ken Levy, an associate professor who teaches criminal law at LSU Law Center, told The Associated Press. And the only way its proportional is if McKnight was threatening serious bodily injury or death.McKnight played three seasons for the New York Jets and one with the Kansas City Chiefs.The Jets held a moment of silence Monday night before their game against the Indianapolis Colts at MetLife Stadium to honor the former running back.McKnight was rated the nations No. 1 running back recruit when he signed with the University of Southern California. He was a fourth-round draft pick of the Jets in 2010 and played three seasons for New York. McKnight had a 107-yard kickoff return for a touchdown in 2011, and it remains the longest play in Jets history.He also spent a season with Kansas City, and most recently played for the Saskatchewan Roughriders of the Canadian Football League.A decade ago, Gasser was involved in a similar altercation -- at the same intersection -- with a driver. The sheriff said that in February 2006, a man observed a truck driving erratically and called a number on the truck, speaking to a man later identified as Gasser.Gasser and the man got into a fight on the phone and then Gasser followed the man to a service station, confronted him and hit him several times. Gasser drove away, and the victim called 911.Investigators found Gasser and issued a misdemeanor summons for simple battery, which was later dismissed. Authorities have said they are trying to determine why it was dismissed. China Jerseys Wholesale Wholesale Jerseys From China China Jerseys Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping China Jerseys Wholesale Cheap Jerseys Wholesale NFL Jerseys Wholesale ' ' '