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While Van Adams has found extraordinary success running her sports marketing firm for the last dozen years, shes quick to say shes still a STEM girl at heart. Redskins Jerseys On Sale . She fostered this love for all things science, technology, engineering and math while growing up outside of Buffalo, and credits it for her ability to multitask and get to the core of the projects she executes in business.And when it comes to projects, there are many. Besides her daily duties at VanAdams Sports Group, shes been the NYC chapter president of Women in Sports & Events (WISE) for the past nine years, helms an organization called Gathering on the Greens that gives professional women the tools to hit the links confidently, and also serves as an adjunct professor at NYU. So what does she do in her limited down time? Just a little light reading of The New England Journal of Medicine to keep her STEM side engaged.A lesson in Thin MintsLooking back now, I can say that I was driven from a young age. I was always involved in any number of things between community, school and church activities. But even as a Girl Scout, I would be the one who would actually look forward to the cookie season. There were prizes for selling a certain amount, and I always strived to win. I wanted to get to the tier for the free Walkman or whatever it was that year, so I would enlist the help of every friend and family member I could. Any aunt or uncle who worked in an office setting, I would ask to go there after school or have them bring the sheets to sell themselves. Hitting a goal makes you really happy when youre young, and I realized early on that you cant do everything yourself. Thats actually a life lesson I still live by today. But by enlisting everyone I knew to assist in selling for me, I guess I was a little entrepreneur before I became an entrepreneur.Swearing off scrubsI went to an engineering high school called Hutchinson Central in Buffalo where I was always good in the sciences, so I think it was just expected that I would become a doctor. But after graduating from Grambling with a pre-med degree, I took a year off for some discovery time to talk with professionals in medicine, who werent only practicing physicians, but were doing research or were in hospital administration. I sought out their opinions and the general theme was that while I may have the brain capacity to do it, I would be better served on the administrative side instead of straight caregiving. So I guess they could see what I couldnt see.But I was always fascinated by athlete recovery and sports psychology, and a light bulb went off that led to my decision to go back to Grambling for a masters in sports administration (although medicine is still a main interest of mine today). I might be one of only a handful of people who routinely reads medical journals as if Im preparing for something, but I am just doing it for fun.Grad school grubGrambling had renowned baseball and football programs, and I learned a lot about discipline working for a variety of the schools teams. Their focus was education first because thats really whats going to carry you through life. There was an emphasis on commitment and finishing what you start. I was inspired by the athletes because my day would start at 5:30 a.m. and go until sundown between my classes, working in the athletic department and also being a professors assistant. But the athletes were on a similar schedule, which gave me some perspective. I joke now that I lived off of red beans and rice with sweet tea the entire time. I needed something quick and portable. I dont recommend anyone do that now, but grab and go was essential at the time.Weather advisoryAfter going to college in Louisiana, I decided warm weather really suited me and began applying to all the teams I could think of in the geographic locales I wanted. But then the Buffalo Bills called with an opening in public/community/athlete relations. Ironic right? Back to the snow. But you have to be receptive to going to places that werent on your radar. We have plans, but it doesnt mean things work out the way we plan them. So I asked some of my contacts who were coaches or had played professionally for their thoughts, and they unequivocally said it was a golden opportunity that I had to take. And I was also from the area, which meant I could save money on rent by living at home. But my focus was, Wait, its so cold up there! And you know what, it wasnt. It was actually a really mild winter that year. And to think I wasnt going to go.Ditching the playbookThe job offers started coming in when I was with the Bills because its true that one thing leads to another. I then spent two years at the USGA in media relations, which also wasnt on my master plan. I could have just thrown out my goal sheet at that point. And then after two years, it led to a job at Sports Illustrated in athlete and team relations and being involved with the Olympic cycles. By then I had made enough contacts to do consulting work on the side and really think about opening my own company.Making good on a dreamI always knew that I wanted to own my own business. Even back when I was going to be a doctor, I wanted to have my own practice. But theres always a question of pulling it off in the beginning. Early on, I worked with companies in a consulting mode by leveraging sports in a marketing capacity or garnering a celebrity athlete to promote a brand. One of the things I didnt think about when I was the middle of it was how natural it came for me and that other people could actually benefit from my expertise.And then athletes started approaching me about assisting with their foundations and needed advice with fundraisers and events. Ive always had a knack for being able to put things together and get things done. While I was doing that, I had every intention of taking a full-time job somewhere in the corporate side of sports. But I ended up becoming so busy that I formed VanAdams Sports Group. That was 12 years ago now, and the rest is history.Always evolvingI assist a lot of athletes going through the transitional phase after they retire from their sport and are looking for whats next. Those conversations take on different aspects -- what they think they would be good at and if theres a marketplace out there for it. A specific example would be Grambling legend Doug Williams, who was involved in a book coming out that chronicled his experience of being the first black quarterback to win a Super Bowl. So it was logical to integrate publicity around the NFL Legends events for the former greats that Ive been running for the past seven years ahead of the Super Bowls. Or someone like Giants MVP Ottis Anderson who is looking to test the waters in fan apparel, so Im working with him on that now.But Ive also branched out to becoming a contributing writer for the NFL Player Engagement website, which focuses more on the lifestyle of former players and also their health and wellness. Besides that, Ive been an adjunct professor for a number of years and I taught a course called Revenue, Pricing and Strategy at NYU this summer.It does take a lot of time management to juggle it all, but everything I do is interrelated, so its pretty seamless and interlocking. Its all pulling from the same side of my brain, if you will. And I believe you have to keep changing with the times. Athlete marketing is great, but then you bump it up to the next level where youre integrating those things in a more meaningful way.Executive courseI noticed in my own professional network that there were a lot of women who wanted to learn how to play golf but didnt quite know how to start. Or they took lessons but when they went to play on their company outings, the lessons didnt serve them well. No one wants to feel inadequate or embarrassed in front of their colleagues and peers. So I just felt women needed a little bit more of a push. The initial Gathering on the Greens event four years ago began as a networking event, but then I formalized it and we now have events all around the country. It teaches women about the game, but its also about professional development by using golf as a tool for business. No matter how many lessons a woman will have from a pro or how many times they go to the driving range or read a golf book, theres no replacement for actually getting out there on the course and doing it.WISE adviceBefore I give advice, I like to understand what the womans endgame is. That usually shapes what Im going to share with her. Because you can give people blanket advice (work hard, be prepared) but giving advice should be customized to that person. What are you really trying to do? Whats your aspiration? And then I weigh in from my experience and background on something that will hopefully benefit her.But I do tell them that they should only ask what they cant easily find on Google. If you have an opportunity to get 10 minutes with someone over coffee, dont waste those minutes with questions that you could easily find out on your own. Ask something that is going to help you. What do you really want to know? Ive had people say, What is it like being a woman in the sports business? But how is that going to help you actually get started? Be considerate of other peoples time and be prepared. And dont say, I want to be just like you because that person is already taken. Its more about what that person does that you find intriguing and then you can have a conversation about that. Cheap Redskins Jerseys . Two pressure cooker bombs exploded near the finish line of the April 15 race in an area packed with fans cheering the passing runners. Three people were killed and more than 260 injured, including at least 16 who lost limbs. Cheap Troy Apke Jersey . Only three players drafted by NHL clubs were included on the Czech selection camp roster on Wednesday. Those players were Dallas Stars 2012 first-rounder Radek Faksa, Winnipeg Jets 2013 fourth-rounder Jan Kostalek and Phoenix Coyotes 2012 seventh-rounder Marek Langhamer. . - Goaltender Philippe Desrosiers of the Rimouski Oceanic has broken a shutout record that was only three months old in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League. Misbah-ul-Haq, Pakistans Test captain, has expressed confidence in international cricket returning to the country soon, and said it was ironic his teams rise to No. 1 in the ICC rankings had to be accomplished without home-crowd support.The ICC chief executive David Richardson presented Misbah with the Test mace at Gaddafi Stadium in Lahore on Wednesday, after Pakistan had risen to No. 1 for the first time since the current Test rankings were introduced in 2003, by virtue of their 2-2 draw in England this summer. Pakistan are the fifth side after Australia, England, India and South Africa to top the ICC Test rankings.There is nothing better than being No. 1 in the Test rankings, Misbah said. Its one of the best days in my life; the happiest day in my cricketing career. And there cant be a better location to receive the ICC Test Championship mace than this ground where we last played a home Test seven years ago. It is ironic for both the players as well as the fans that the journey to the No. 1 position has been outside Pakistan.The players have missed on the crowd support, while the spectators have been unable to watch live some magnificent team and individual performances. But I am confident that things will change and international cricket will soon return to Pakistan.I would like to congratulate everyone who has been part of this achievement and part of this journey; every individual, every coach, every selector who has worked hard for this No. 1 position.The families of the players have really sacrificed a lot too. We have to spend almost six to seven months out of the country without them and thats difficult [for both parties]. Credit should be given to the families. Its a proud moment for all of us and I hope we can go together at the top for a long period.Apart from a visit by Zimbabwe in 2015, no Full Member country has toured Pakistan since March 2009, when gunmen attacked the bus transporting the Sri Lankan team to Gaddafi Stadium on a morning of the Lahore Test. Redskins Jerseys Online. Since then, Pakistan have had to host their home fixtures at neutral venues, primarily the UAE.Being part of a team that is ranked No.1 in Test cricket is a pinnacle achievement for any cricketer. Pakistan is a deserving recipient of the mace, Richardson said. It is all the more impressive that it has reached the number-one Test ranking despite not being able to play a series in front of its home crowd since March 2009.Today is all about the team, today its all about Misbah. One of the things that makes Pakistan one of the most watchable teams in the world is the fact that theyve got a man for all occasions. Theyve got batsmen who can deal with a tight situation, and on the bowling side, you cant prepare seaming wickets against them because theyve got the seamers to exploit those conditions, left-arm and the right-arm and of course youve got a world class legspinner, so youve got all the ingredients for a top team and we are looking forward to Pakistan if not staying at No. 1 then certainly challenging for good many years to come. A strong Pakistan side is good for international cricket.Pakistan face a challenge to hold on to their No. 1 Test ranking. India, presently No. 2, will displace Pakistan if they beat New Zealand in the upcoming three-Test series at home. Pakistans next Test series is in October against West Indies in the UAE. The team that is No. 1 on April 1, 2017, will receive $ 1 million from the ICC.The next target we have set for ourselves is to finish as the No. 1 Test side at the April 1 cut-off date, Misbah said. It is not going to be easy as we have series against formidable sides like the West Indies, New Zealand and Australia. But instead of getting overawed by our opponents, we need to trust in our abilities, focus on our strengths and try to be as consistent as possible. NFL T-shirts From China Cheap Jerseys 2020 Cheap NFL Gear Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic Wholesale Jerseys 2020 Cheap Jerseys 2020 Cheap Jerseys ' ' '