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Keith Jew, a standout talent from solo queue who was

Eddie Jones has had a whirlwind start to his tenure as England coach. Wholesale Air Max For Sale Cheap . Three wins from three games, a self-imposed media ban, and the selection of a captain who missed the World Cup after head-butting a current England team-mate. Its unpredictable and a far cry from the measured Stuart Lancaster, but even if its refreshing, its easy to see why his actions have been met with trepidation by some of the Twickenham faithful.However, those concerns arent shared by fly-half George Ford. The Bath man is enjoying life with live-wire Jones at the helm, with particular appreciation for how frank the Australian is with his players. He fills the lads with great confidence, Ford told Sky Sports. He wants to play the game in an attacking style. He wants to go at teams and a lot of the lads have responded brilliantly to that.Hes very honest with feedback he gives you on what you need to do in a game and what he expects of you, but he also makes the weeks and days of training very enjoyable at the same time. Within rugby youre always going to get on with some people more than you do with others, but to have that relationship and to respect your team-mate and want to go out there and win, and do as well as you can for every single team-mate, is important to me. George Ford I think the honesty has made a huge difference because you understand where you stand, you understand what you need to do, what you need to get better at, and you can go away and work at it.Jones frankness is rooted in his desire to improve his current stock. Soon after arriving in England he swept through the country to watch a host of Premiership matches, and his comments upon assembling his first England squad was that England simply lacked world-class players.The key, Jones said, was helping his players understand their own potential to help them become world class.Thats all a player wants, said Ford. Some honest feedback on their game and what they can do to get better.One aspect on which Jones will be continually judged - largely against his wishes - is Englands style of play. After the Lancaster era of pragmatism, there was hope that Jones would introduce a free-flowing game to Twickenham. Former Wales International Jonathan Thomas joins James Gemmell on Rugby Club Agenda to share his thoughts on how Wales should match up against England The Australian has moved to temper the expectation of the England fans, with reminders of how much time hes had with the team and how important the basics are, and the latter is a sentiment shared by Ford. A lot of people are saying that were playing a lot more expansive and free but were under no illusions that the foundations of our game have got to come first.That, first and foremost, comes from having a strong set-piece and dominance there. I think the boys in the forwards have done great with the lineout and scrum.On top of that, looking after the breakdown as well in terms of attack and trying to get quick ball.From there you can go at teams and hopefully put teams under a bit of pressure and trouble, and score some tries. Ford is enjoying playing alongside Owen Farrell Spearheading the front-foot attack will be Ford and his backline troops, and the 22-year-old is grateful to have a familiar face next to him.During the latter stages of Lancasters time there was plenty of debate around who should start at fly-half between Ford and Owen Farrell. Rather than separating the two, Jones has opted to play both, utilising the play-makers in the 10 and 12 positions - and its a combination Ford is enjoying.Weve only played three full games together; I think theres more to come. Its great to have that similar mind-set as a 10 outside of you on the pitch.We pretty much think about the game similarly, we want to drive the team in a particular way and to have the conversations with him and have someone like him outside you as a 10 is great, so were looking forward to carrying that on. Jones says Wales are a step up from their previous Six Nations opponents. In a recent Real Madrid press conference, footballer Christiano Ronaldo rubbished the idea that players need to be on good terms with each other in order to play well together, but Ford says the understanding he has with Farrell and the rest of his England team-mates is vital to him.It always helps if youre good mates and you have a good relationship with all your team-mates, to be honest.Within rugby youre always going to get on with some people more than you do with others, but to have that relationship and to respect your team-mate and want to go out there and win, and do as well as you can for every single team-mate, is important to me. Danny Care (left) and Ben Youngs are supportive of each others claim for a starting place, says Ford Fords belief is that the player relationships have been strengthened by the honesty of Jones, and that individuals have become more supportive of their jersey rivals in the wake of transparent feedback.One example of the healthy competition for a starting place is the one between Danny Care and Ben Youngs. Both are looking to cement their place in the No 9 jersey, but Ford says their mutual respect for one another benefits the pair.Both are brilliant. Theyre threats themselves; they know when to speed the game up and when to slow it down a little bit.Theyre really good mates as well, they get on really well.Obviously theyre both very ambitious and determined and want to start, but they fully respect when one or the other is starting and back him 100 per cent. Ford, Elliot Daly and Dan Cole apperaed at Oldfield Old Boys RFC as part of the NatWest RugbyForce Throughout the Six Nations, Jones has maintained that he wants to be judged on the teams results in three years time rather that this year, giving himself a window to bring about the changes necessary to turn England into a world-beating team.For Ford and the rest of the England squad there is no reminder needed of how patient they need to be in order to stake their claim as the best in the game, there is an understanding that those changes will take time.As players we take each session to try and become a better player, we dont really focus on anything too far in the future.We just want to focus on the here and now and understand the areas of our games we need to work on.Wherever that takes us in the future, it takes us, but we just want to train as well as we can and look to get better every day.England Rugby Union players George Ford, Elliot Daly and Dan Cole were appearing at Oldfield Old Boys RFC, Bath as a part of the NatWest RugbyForce, an initiative that supports grassroots rugby. Register at Also See: Wales must kill the king WATCH: Rugby Club Agenda Jones: Wales a step up Sky Sports Rugby podcast Wholesale Air Max Shoes .ca looks back at the stories and moments that made the year memorable. Wholesale Air Max For Sale . Takahashi, who had a 10-point lead after the short program, received 268.31 points after the free skate to finish 15 points ahead of second-place Nobunari Oda. . - Blake Griffin had 30 points and 12 rebounds, J. For three-plus years, Jovani Fabbbyyy Guillen was known as the Gatekeeper of North American League of Legends. As a player who frequently decided if his opposition (or teammate) would make it into the Challenger solo queue ladder, Fabbbyyy was one of the few non-professional players to gain a following. Despite that, he was always the one on the outside looking in, playing in the minor leagues while others he faced online were becoming stars in the NA League Championship Series.Today, Fabbbyyy lounges back in the press lounge on the second floor of the LCS arena following Team Liquids convincing 2-0 victory against the relegation-bound NRG Esports. After years of playing the game at a casual level, the Gatekeeper of the online world has transitioned into a true starter for a playoff level team in the major leagues.Were fine with each other, he said, when asked about the relationship with former TL starting AD carry, Chae Piglet Gwang-jin.Fabbbyyy was switched with Piglet in the regular split as Liquid saw it as a win for both parties. Piglet wanted a break from the pressures of the major leagues and Fabbbyyys selfless, flexible style to play anything the team needed fit in with the current meta of utility AD carries.Were not, like, angry at each other. Hes not mad at me that I took his spot, and Im not mad at him that he took mine, Fabbbyyy said. Its been just fine. He doesnt argue with me, and we get along. We both do our own thing. He plays on TLA now, and hes happy. Hes able to take a break now, play a lot less try-hard because its Challenger, not LCS. And then for me, I get to [learn how] to try-hard. I was stuck in Challenger for two years and never learned what hard work is, or how to work hard towards an objective I want to work on: my lane, my team-play. I never worried about that. It was Challenger, I was like, Eh Ill wing it.In the minor leagues where the stakes are lower, Fabbbyyy was never pushed to his absolute limit as a player. Now, in the thick of a playoff hunt and the third-seed in the regular season, the former Challenger pillar has started taking strides to become the player he always had the potential to become. Hes started to watch game tape for the first time and hes taking all the necessary steps to make sure his rookie split in the LCS isnt his last.The main team for me right now is Immortals, he said, musing over whiich opponent he believes could be the toughest for Liquid in the postseason. Wholesale Air Max Sale Online. Theyre pretty much better than TSM right now. But after [Immortals], its obviously TSM. I still rank them higher. After that, its kind of a wash, you could say.While a majority of the teams will be clearly fearing Team SoloMid in the playoffs -- Phoenix1, a team that broke TSMs winning streak, were eliminated from contention Sunday -- the monkey on Liquids back is clearly colored green and black. Immortals have owned Liquid since joining the NA LCS this past spring. In the nine games the two teams have played against each other, Immortals has taken eight of the games, and that includes a clear cut 3-0 sweep during last seasons third-place decider match at the Mandalay Events Center in Las Vegas. For TL to finally break its curse of never winning the NA LCS championship, or even making the finals, Immortals will almost certainly be standing in the way.Working hard, honestly, he said, referencing what hes learned in the past month playing in the professional leagues. I was so nonchalant, just laid-back. I didnt care. I woke up, played my two scrim blocks, on Wednesday played my Challenger game, win, and Id be done. Its not like LCS where you really want that playoff spot or really want to make it to Worlds. Challenger isnt anything like that. I never had the drive in Challenger. Thats the main thing I actually gained going into the LCS. I have a way bigger drive now. Im putting in more solo queue games, putting more hours into [game] review. I didnt do [that] at all in Challenger.One year ago, Team Liquid had to make a decision between two AD carries. Piglet, a former world champion who was having a difficult time connecting with the starting roster, and Yuri Keith Jew, a standout talent from solo queue who was meshing well with the team. Although the team eventually decided to stick with Piglet, Keith went onto start for Echo Fox in the LCS against Piglet.In the postseason, Fabbbyyy will be playing for Team Liquid. A lot can change in the year, and Fabbbyyy knows it too well. The Gatekeeper has passed on his torch, and hes ready to see how far he can go when he puts everything fully -- his time, mind and heart -- into the game. Jerseys NFL China Cheap Adidas NHL Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys From China Cheap MLB Jerseys Wholesale China Jerseys NFL Jerseys China Discount Soccer Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys China China NCAA Jerseys Cheap Cheap Nike Dolphins Jerseys Cheap Nike Patriots Jerseys Cheap Nike Jets Jerseys Cheap Nike Bengals Jerseys Cheap Nike Browns Jerseys Cheap Nike Steelers Jerseys Cheap Nike Texans JerseysCheap Nike Colts Jerseys Cheap Nike Jaguars Jerseys Cheap Nike Titans Jerseys Cheap Nike Broncos Jerseys ' ' '