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er than 36 yards.TOUGH DAYGeorgia Techs Brad Stew

Each week, ESPN. China Shoes Outlet AFL draft expert Christopher Doerre - aka Knightmare - casts his eye over the countrys best junior footballers to give readers an early insight into the next generation of AFL stars.As well as attending live games, Doerre pores through match vision, analyses the stats and talks to industry sources to ensure he can offer the most insightful draft analysis.Aside from the weekly wrap, Doerre will also unveil his power rankings at the end of each month.And as we get closer to Novembers national draft, Doerre will also predict who goes where with his annual phantom draft.Player focusNorth Adelaide forward Will Hayward is quickly making a name for himself after a big performance in this years SANFL Under-18 grand final. While Hayward was on the losing side, he again figured prominently up forward for North Adelaide with 13 disposals, 11 contested possessions, six marks (five contested), four goals and one score assist. It follows a 22-disposal (12 contested), 10 mark (four contested), nine goal, one score assist game in a convincing win against Woodville West-Torrens.Hayward, a 186cm, 76kg forward does his best work close to goal and looms as an ideal medium forward for clubs to target in this years AFL draft.This season, he kicked eight goals from his four NAB AFL Under-18 Championships games, four goals from his two SANFL reserves matches and 33 goals from his nine SANFL Under-18 clashes.In North Adelaides grand final loss to Glenelg, Hayward showcased his full bag of tricks. Early in the first quarter he took an exciting contested mark, jumping over the back of a defender. Soon after Hayward showed excellent body-on-body work, gaining front position, protecting the drop of the ball and falling forward to the ground for a low mark.For Hayward, gaining front position and reading the drop of the ball was something he did consistently throughout the match and from early in the first quarter he had Glenelg defenders worried about him, even giving away a couple of free kicks when he gained front position.He attacked the ball in flight, demonstrating a good vertical leap, jumping and taking marks at the highest point when he had a clear run at the footy. In one-on-one contests after gaining front position, he continued to find a way to win the vast majority of the contests he was involved it.At ground level Hayward also proved clean enough, picking up the ball on the move and not fumbling, which in combination with his other weapons can make him a difficult matchup for.Haywards pressure game in the front half was, while not a highlight, also quite good. He chased after defenders and provided good second efforts, not giving up on the play.In previous matches he has just about been unstoppable on the lead -- timing his leads well and taking marks strongly out in front -- but last weekend Glenelg did not offer him the same space to lead into. It is still a major weapon for him, though.Analysis?Hayward is a challenging match-up deep in the front half but is yet to prove he can play further up the field and find much of the ball - he didnt win 10 or more disposals in any of his four NAB AFL Under-18 Championship games. In the front half this season, he has demonstrated some contested-ball winning ability and at 186cm with improved endurance and a stronger frame may in time have the capacity to push through the midfield.Hayward plays in a style not unlike Hawthorns Jack Gunston as a medium forward who seems to function best as the go-to option, but at his height might be better compared to Gunstons teammate, James Sicily.Hayward this year has received a national combine invite and has increased his chances for selection this past fortnight. With a strong draft combine, he may push into the top half of the draft.Victorian prospect watchTAC CupContinuing to improve his top-10 chances is Tim Taranto. Taranto last week had 23 disposals, six marks (five contested), 17 contested possessions, five tackles, five clearances, four goals and one score assist. Taranto has been one of the players of this finals series and for the second game in a row was named Sandringhams best in the winning performance.Taranto played through the midfield primarily in the first half and then pushed deep into the forward 50m for much of the second half to become essentially Sandringhams deepest target. He starred in both roles.Through the midfield Taranto won the contested ball, showed creativity with ball in hand and also demonstrated a rare anticipation - at one stage he got a hand on an opposition handball seeming to pre-emptively have a sense for where the ball was going.As a forward Taranto finished well and showed excellent one-on-one marking strength and pack marking ability, getting to the drop of the ball and demonstrating strong hands overhead.Andrew McGrath was not as influential this week as he has been in many of his other games, with his kicking not up to the level a projected top-five pick should be. Two bad examples were when he hit up an opposition defender for an uncontested mark in kicking into the forward 50m, and when he missed what should have been a simple run-in goal from 30m with no angle. None the less, he still found plenty of the ball with 32 disposals, 14 contested possessions, four marks, eight tackles, nine clearances and one score assist.What was impressive from McGrath was his output in the final quarter, lifting when the game was on the line with 14 of his 32 disposals coming in the final term.Like last week, Jack Scrimshaws kicking off one or two steps out of the back half was impressive. He set up several meaningful offensive drives. His work in one-on-one contests and early reading of the flight of the ball was also very good down back. Scrimshaw had 19 disposals, five marks (one contested) and four rebound 50s.Setting the tone from the opening bounce and helping Geelong Falcons to a 25-point quarter-time lead was bottom-ager James Worpel, who came out with a purpose. He was winning first possession at the coalface and physically it looked like he was impacting every contest. Worpel had only 17 disposals, seven contested possessions, four marks, six tackles, four clearances, six inside 50s and one score assist, but his impact was much greater than the stats suggest.Younger brother of Essendons Darcy, Cassidy Parish also was highly influential through the midfield with 23 disposals, 15 contested possessions, seven marks and eight clearances. The 187cm midfielder looks likely to follow the footsteps of Darcy in that he looks like a strong early chance to be selected in next years AFL draft.Continuing his dominance up forward was top-age forward Lachlan Tiziani who had 12 disposals, nine contested possessions, five marks (three contested), four tackles, six goals and one score assist. Tiziani proved too strong for Oakleighs backmen, winning one-on-one marking contests and also proving too strong when the ball went to ground. The pressure he provided in the front half also was good with at least one of his chasing efforts resulting in a turnover. Since switching into the front half, he has developed into arguably the TAC Cups most dangerous medium forward, with his four-goal-per-game average over the past eight matches a TAC Cup-high.Todd Marshall -- while he only kicked the one goal for the game -- showed some more promising signs this week with 12 disposals, nine contested possessions, seven marks (three contested) and two score assists. He showed ability overhead, taking some high-reaching marks up the field, a strong one-on-one mark and a high-leaping aerial pack mark that caught the eye of recruiters and spectators alike. From several of his marks he either played on or moved the ball on quickly. He also showed his rare cleanness at ground level, winning ground balls with the ease you would expect from a small midfielder.Max Lynchs performance through the ruck was a welcome surprise. Lynch had 10 disposals, four marks (two contested), 16 hitouts and one goal. What was impressive was Lynchs positioning behind the ball and intercept marking. He is a big boy at 200cm, 96kg and the way he was plucking the ball out of the air and attacking the ball in flight caught the eye of all onlookers.Lynchs overhead marking looks like a potential area of growth and will only increases his intrigue as a potential draft prospect.Top-age midfielder Lachlan Walker was Oakleighs leading ball winner through the midfield with 25 disposals, 12 contested possessions, four marks, five tackles, six clearances, five inside 50s, one goal and two score assists. Walker was one of the few Oakleigh players to put together a four-quarter performance and also used the ball efficiently throughout the match.Bottom-age key forward Toby Wooller -- while he went goalless for Oakleigh -- showed enough signs up forward with his marking on the lead impressive. He had 13 disposals, seven marks (three contested) and three score assists and will be a player to track the development of with interest in 2017.Young Guns GameThe annual Young Guns Game features some of Victorias young footballers who are either not expected to get drafted or may be considerations late in the national draft or in the rookie draft. The contest gives recruiters another opportunity to see some of these potential late national or rookie draftees one last time this season and consolidate where they may be rated on their draft boards.Rowan Marshall, a 20-year-old, 203cm relieving ruckman who plays for North Ballarat Roosters in the VFL was a standout. From when the moment the players came out to warm up, Marshall appeared to be the leader of his team and his play proved just as impressive. He showed some positive signs both through the ruck and up forward with his tackling and work forward of centre impressive.Marshall is a realistic consideration late in the national draft or as a rookie and may if offer value similar to Sydneys Callum Sinclair when initially drafted by West Coast.Ben Allan, a 20-year-old 180cm midfielder, also showed some promising signs. Allan played his junior football for Calder and has this season become a regular in Coburgs VFL side.Consistent with what Allen displayed as a junior and what he has shown this year, he was involved in everything. He brought impressive tackling energy and gave second and third efforts consistently. He won the ball at the coalface at times and regularly throughout the game provided an explosive burst of speed out of congestion. His overlap run also was impressive, providing good support when his side was in possession and moving the ball offensively. His front and centre crumbing was also excellent, getting to the base of the contest, each time a pack was forming and on several occasions he won ground balls in these situations.Top-ager and Northern Blue Hisham Kerbatieh, a 180cm forward, played unselfishly and on several occasions used his vision to find forwards inside 50m in better position than himself to finish for higher percentage shots on goal. The forward pressure he provided was also very good as it has been for much of this year.Callan Wellings, a 181cm midfielder who has impressed with his explosive pace this year, had some good moments early in the game at centre bounces winning first possession and clearances.Top-ager James Peters, a 181cm forward got on the end of several forward 50m entries and provided lively and difficult to contain. His work rate and overlap run -- at one point running from half-back into the forward half -- was a highlight.St Kevins Oliver Hanrahan, a 183cm forward who can push up the ground, used the ball well and worked his way into the game, putting together a strong second half where he had some good moments.South Australian prospect watchSANFLReservesBottom-ager Isaac Hewson, a 184cm, 80kg midfielder, contributed well through the Norwood midfield with 19 disposals, eight contested possessions, four marks and six clearances. Hewson was named one of Norwoods bests in the loss.Fellow bottom-ager Lachlan Pascoe, a 189cm, 94kg backman was effective with 20 disposals, five marks and five rebound 50s.Under-18sJudged best on ground in the SANFL Under-18 grand final was Jonty Scharenberg. Scharenberg had 34 disposals, 14 contested possessions, six marks (one contested), 12 tackles, five clearances and one score assist. What stood out from Scharenberg was his aggression and desperation. His tackling efforts were as hard as he has offered this season, taking the wind out of the players he tackled.The little things Scharenberg offered that dont show up on the stat sheet also were impressive. Getting hands to an opposition handball to prevent what would have been a meaningful drive forward, flying for a mark from behind to prevent an opposition mark, pushing an opponent on the boundary to make a statement and taking what a desperate diving mark from a kickout. He played with a maturity and understanding of what playing in a grand final is all about, and will have only elevated his draft stocks as a result of his efforts.Showing some positive signs down back was cousin of Geelongs Andrew, Liam Mackie. Liam is a 186cm, 73kg utility who despite not being selected to represent South Australia during the Under-18 championships has received a state screening invite. For the game Mackie managed 18 disposals, 11 contested possessions and four marks (three contested) across half forward. What was impressive from Mackie in this game was his one-on-one work, where he at times would provide a well-timed bump to gain superior position to take the mark.Dominating through the ruck was Jordan Sweet. Sweet had 11 disposals, six marks (one contested), 42 hitouts and one score assist. At 202cm, 98kg as he so often does, Sweet proved too strong when he could get a body on the opposing ruckman. He plays with a great physicality in the ruck and also looked at one stage to drag the ball forward for territory, with opposition tacklers hanging off him as he continued forward with ball in hand.The other promising sign from Sweet was his marking around the ground. He found good spaces on the outside to take some uncontested marks, demonstrated strong hands overhead. When involved in one-on-one contests he also used his body to advantage.Brandon Parfitt was again impressive for North Adelaide with 27 disposals, 14 contested possessions, eight tackles, six clearances and two score assists. While Parfitt won the ball and tackled with great intensity as he so often does, it was Parfitts slipperiness through traffic that impressed most. He faked out players in traffic and used some nice hesitation moves to get around opponents on many occasions.Kym LeBois, an exciting 175cm 66kg forward, again displayed his freakish ground level ability. He picked up the ball on several occasions on the move with one arm and made it look effortless. His acceleration and change of direction were also highlights and something he uses most of the time when he gets his hands on the ball. LeBois won 15 disposals, four contested possessions, six tackles, seven inside 50s and one score assist.LeBois is not a big-time accumulator and this season in the SANFL Under-18s, has only kicked 18 goals from 14 games as a forward. The reason LeBois is in the mix for draft selection despite not being a big accumulator or goal kicker is the damage he does. Winning the ground balls so cleanly then using his pace to accelerate at breakneck speed for 10-15m, or if in traffic sidestepping players and then bursting past them. He has some rare gifts.Western Australian prospect watchWAFLColtsThe notable player from a draft context was Sam Powell-Pepper, who contributed well without being one of East Perths best. For the game he had 19 disposals, four marks and six inside 50s.Division two states (Tasmania, Northern Territory, NSW/ACT, Queensland and Northern Academy) prospects watchThe major news this week was Greater Western Sydney Academy prospect Will Setterfields injury during Sandringhams 22-point win against Geelong. In a collision with Geelong Falcon Max Augerinos, Setterfield came out of the contest second best, injuring his AC Joint.?He is not expected to be available for the TAC Cup Grand Final. China Shoes Jordans . The home side created most of the chances but struggled to break down Braunschweigs resilient defence, resulting in the Bundesligas 1,000th scoreless draw. Cheap Shoes From China .ca looks back at the stories and moments that made the year memorable. . It was the kind of score that might make everyone else wonder which course he was playing. Except that Graeme McDowell saw the whole thing. Crouched behind the 10th green at Sheshan International, McDowell looked over at the powerful American and said, "Ive probably seen 18 of the best drives Ive seen all year in the last two days. ATLANTA -- Georgia Tech was a bit listless after its upset of Virginia Tech.Fortunately for the Yellow Jackets, they came up with enough big plays to beat Virginia.Marcus Marshall ran 67 yards for a touchdown, Justin Thomas threw a 54-yard scoring pass to Clinton Lynch and Qua Searcy broke loose for a 60-yard TD, leading Georgia Tech to a 31-17 victory over the Cavaliers on Saturday.As if that wasnt enough, Lance Austin sealed the win with a dazzling 24-yard interception return for a touchdown, showing off several nifty moves.It took us a while get going, Marshall said.Georgia Tech (7-4, 4-4 Atlantic Coast Conference) struggled through most of the first half and went to the locker room trailing 10-7. Marshalls career-long run in front of the Cavaliers bench accounted for more than half of the Yellow Jackets 111 yards at the break.But Virginia (2-9, 1-6) couldnt hold on with Matt Johns starting at quarterback for the first time this season. He was 27 of 44 for 220 yards, including a 1-yard touchdown to Ryan Santoro that cut the gap to 24-17 with 7:18 remaining. But Johns also had three interceptions in the second half, including the pick by Austin that finished off Virginia.He played well for a long, long time, Mendenhall said of Johns, who reclaimed the starting job he held last season. He did the best he could.Marshall finished with 127 yards on 16 carries. Thomas, who didnt play the previous week in an upset of Virginia Tech because of an injury, completed 5 of 10 passes for 122 yards in his final game at Bobby Dodd Stadium.I have a lot of great memories in this stadium, the senior quarterback said. We did a lot of great things in our careers. It was a great moment.TAKEAWAYSVirginia: A year to forget -- boy, that must sound familiar to Wahoo fans -- is mercifully winding down. The Cavaliers were doomed by another second-half meltdown, which has become a familiar theme. They have been outscored 183-114 over the final two quarters this season.Georgia Tech: The trriple-option offense had all sorts of blocking breakdowns, most notably when coach Paul Johnson decided to go for it on fourth-and-1 at his own 29. China Shoes Wholesale. Backup quarterback Matthew Jordan was stuffed for no gain on a play, and Johnson griped that his team missed all three of its key blocks. But the Yellow Jackets avoided the sort of upset that wouldve really turned up the heat on Johnson, whose job security has been questioned with a new athletic director coming aboard.FIELD GOAL WOESVirginia has another tough day in the kicking game.Sam Hayward missed from 31 and 42 yards, though he did manage to connect from 30 yards. That leaves him 3 of 7 for the season and the Cavaliers at 4 of 9 overall. They havent made a kick longer than 36 yards.TOUGH DAYGeorgia Techs Brad Stewart dropped what like a sure touchdown pass in the third quarter, getting some 10 yards behind the secondary but bobbling away a throw that hit him right in stride.It only got worse for the sophomore receiver. Later in the period, he sustained what appeared to be a potentially serious left knee injury while returning a punt. Stewart had to be helped off the field and didnt return.UP NEXTVirginia: Finishes its first year under coach Bronco Mendenhall next Saturday at Virginia Tech, which has won 12 straight games in the series. The Cavaliers need an upset to avoid tying the school record for most losses in a season.Georgia Tech: Closes the regular season on the road against state rival Georgia. The Bulldogs have won 13 of the last 15 meetings between the teams, including a 13-7 victory in 2015 that turned out to be the final game at Georgia for coach Mark Richt.---Follow Paul Newberry on Twitter at . His work can be found at .---For more AP college football coverage: ' ' '