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BELLEFONTE, Pa. Adidas Jordan Staal Jersey . -- ?? Jurors in a defamation and whistleblower lawsuit were read testimony Wednesday by a former Penn State athletic director who denied a claim by a main witness against Jerry Sandusky that he was terminated as an assistant football coach because of his role in the child molestation case.The deposition by Dave Joyner, who was athletic director when Mike McQuearys contract was not renewed at the end June 2012, said that new coach Bill OBrien brought in his own staff.My decision not to retain Mr. McQueary only relates to the fact that there was no employment for him, and his term was running out, and we did not renew it, Joyner said in the 2013 deposition.McQueary was put on paid administrative leave in November 2011, shortly after Sanduskys arrest and the firing of longtime head coach Joe Paterno. The campus was in an uproar, and McQueary became the target of critics who questioned why he had not physically intervened or reported to police when he saw Sandusky abusing a boy in a team shower a decade earlier.McQueary ended up in financial straits when he was terminated not long after he testified against Sandusky, who was convicted of 45 counts of child sexual abuse, including several counts related to the incident McQueary witnessed.A few months later the school consented to pay him 18 months severance under terms of a letter agreement that McQueary and other coaches had been issued a few years earlier, to insulate them from changes that were expected when the aging Paterno ended his career.Joyner said McQuearys case didnt precisely fit the terms of that agreement, but he decided to honor it because he thought it was the fair thing to do.McQueary has not been able to find work since, and he is seeking more than $4 million in lost wages and other claims.Also Wednesday, an investigator said a raft of threatening emails and calls about McQueary that came in to Penn State in the days after Sanduskys arrest were not enough to make him fear for the mans safety.Anthony Sassano said there was discussion, and no one expressed any concern.The university is defending its handling of McQueary, saying he was sidelined from the football program over safety concerns as the scandal broke and led to Paternos firing, caused the ouster of the schools president and triggered a riot-type disturbance near campus.Sassano said investigators concluded McQueary and the public were not at risk when Penn State played Nebraska a week later. Evidence in the trial has included threats against McQueary and vague warnings that something could happen at Beaver Stadium if he showed up on game day.Thats what they have 200 cops for at the stadium, Sassano said.He described McQueary as a linchpin in the investigation of Sandusky, and of two high-ranking administrators charged for their actions in response to how they handled McQuearys complaint in 2001.Sassano said he counseled McQueary against making a public statement in the aftermath of the arrests, even though McQueary expressed dismay that he was being heavily criticized.You dont respond to these kooks or nuts out there who are threatening you, Sassano testified.Another witness, State College physician Dr. Jonathan Dranov, described how a visibly upset McQueary told him the night of the shower incident that he heard sexual sounds coming from the shower, then saw Sandusky and the boy. Dranov advised McQueary to report it to Paterno the next day, which he did, but authorities didnt find out about the incident for nine more years.Under questioning by a Penn State lawyer, Dranov said he did not tell McQueary to report it to child welfare authorities or to police, nor did he or McQuearys father suggest they return to the locker room to check on the boys welfare.It was our impression the incident was over, he said. Wholesale Hurricanes Jerseys . 9. Price, heading to the 2014 Olympics for Canada, was named the First Star after posting wins in three starts with a 1.00 goals-against average and a .971 save percentage. Adidas Justin Faulk Jersey . Ryan Garbutt had a goal and two assists as Dallas snapped a six-game losing streak with a 5-2 victory over the Edmonton Oilers on Tuesday night. . Tevez, who has had conflicts with coaches in the past, has not been called up since Sabella was named coach in 2011. Argentina boasts Lionel Messi, Gonzalo Higuain, Sergio Aguero, Ezequiel Lavezzi and Angel Di Maria. If Kyle Busch didnt enjoy the way Carl Edwards raced him Sunday at Kansas, just wait until this Sunday at Talladega Superspeedway.Talladega, in addition to serving as the ultimate gut-wrencher with the dangerous accident-prone style of restrictor-plate racing in packs, also rates high on the frustration meter in ultimate teammate angst.Every time NASCAR drops the rag at Talladega, fans watch to see which drivers help another, which drivers turn into true teammates and which ones turn into true competitors, not to mention which drivers will help a bitter, hated rival just to help themselves while clinging to the nugget of hope that they can have the last laugh by making the move to win the race.?But throw into the mix a Chase elimination race -- thank goodness, next year it wont be -- and the dynamics of the 2016 quarterfinal round, and this race sets up as an even more awesome or more foolish exercise that some will cheer with all their hearts and others will rue with all their boiling blood.?Throw out the NASCAR 100 percent rule in this race. Any driver laying back early to avoid the mess still works toward getting the best finish possible. Because the nature of the racing centers on a driver needing to work the draft, any driver who makes a move -- or stays in line to push -- can make the argument that the risk versus reward was enough for the decision.?Which brings us back to Edwards and Busch. They tussled for positions late at Kansas. Edwards raced hard and Busch sidestepped the question when asked on national television whether he was good with the way Edwards raced him. His answers mimicked the ones he gave after Richmond earlier this year, with his mannerisms indicating he was none too pleased but the only pain in his words coming from biting his tongue.?From the outside looking in, it doesnt appear that Busch had much reason to get all pinched. It was late in the race, they raced hard, they didnt crash and Edwards had the better car.?But if something like that gets Busch upset, what should fans expect of drivers in the final laps at Talladega??Of the 10 drivers vying for six spots left in the semifinal round of eight, half of them drive Toyotas. All four of the Joe Gibbs Racing drivers plus affiliate Martin Truex Jr. need to finish the race for a good chance to advance. Daytona 500 winner Denny Hamlin, whose side-by-side run in the final lap of the Daytona 500 with Matt Kenseth was a stellar battle of teammates-be-damned, sits in the worst spot of the five.?The remainder: Two Ford drivers from Team Penske, plus three Chevrolets -- one from Hendrick, Childress and Stewart-Haas.?It appears that a driver such as SHRs Kurt Busch has a huge advantage. He has three teammates -- Kevin Harvick, Tony Stewart and Danica Patrick -- who likely will give Busch a push if he needs it to make the Chase.?Stewart, speaking Wednesday following a Mobil 1 event that promotted its commercial vehicle oil, poured oil into his transporter for the weekend and then talked about the slippery slope of restrictor-plate racing. Adidas Brett Pesce Jersey. His plan: Ride in the back, first for self-preservation but also because he knows it could end up helping Busch.?All I care about is Kurt, Stewart said. Thats the only one I care about this weekend. ... Ill sit in the back and Ill cruise and that way if they have a bad pit stop or something and they get disconnected from the pack, Ill be back there to pick him up and make sure we get him back to where he needs to be. ?At testing at Homestead earlier this week, Busch said the team had not yet talked strategy.?It does make perfect sense that the 41 [of me] should have a lot of focus on it this week at Stewart-Haas Racing, he said.??While SHR can easily focus its efforts, the Toyotas have the opposite problem. They all would normally work together but they also know that helping one driver might not be good for No. 1 when it comes to the checkered flag.?Everybody at JGR, we work very well together, Edwards said Tuesday. You can see it. We all race hard. Kyle and I raced each other very hard [at Kansas]. Matt and I raced each other hard on a restart early in the race.?As long as we can balance that and as long as we can motivate one another and not take it over the edge, I think its great.?But it wont be great for the driver who tries to make a move but gets hung out to dry and ends up not advancing. Then again, the Toyotas, while having a decent-sized group to lean on, might not get much help from anyone else.?They wont help us so why would we help them? Stewart said. Thats kind of the scenario that its put into.?For race fans, that either makes it intriguing or infuriating. And yet Stewart knows he might end up helping someone he doesnt want to just because of the situation.Its kind of like being Peyton Manning -- youre just going to have to call an audible as the race goes on, Stewart said.?Oh, the drama. Lets just hope, as far as race strategy, that fans are not talking about whether a driver wrecked someone on purpose to advance as they did a year ago. Whether Kevin Harvick wrecked Trevor Bayne on purpose or not, the design of the elimination-style Chase creates those doubts, those storylines of the blurring of the border of racing ethics. The drivers have incentive to make moves they would have never considered before 2014. Whether that turns into a good thing or bad thing, an exciting drama or a dark comedy, NASCAR fans will find out Sunday.?This has got potential to be really chaotic this weekend because of the cutoff this week, Stewart said. There are a lot of guys who have had a bad week having to make up for it.?I dont think its going to be a very calm, peaceful race. Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap NFL Jerseys AuthenticWholesale Jerseys China Cheap NFL Jerseys China NFL Cheap Jerseys ' ' '