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camp is over. Youre allowed to have pizza or chicken wings

Veteran forward Nick Riewoldt has confirmed 2016 will be his last AFL season as captain of St Kilda. Cheap Cristiano Ronaldo Jersey .Riewoldt is the Saints longest-serving skipper, having led the club on 220 occasions since 2005.The 33-year-old this year became the fifth man to captain a club more than 200 times, also becoming just the fifth Saint to play 300 games.Riewoldt was expected to step down as skipper and made a formal announcement on Thursday night at the clubs best-and-fairest function.In the interest of the footy club, its the right time for me to step aside to give a new player the opportunity to lead, Riewoldt said.It has been my absolute privilege and honour to captain St Kilda for the past 11 years.Ive experienced a great deal in my tenure as captain and Im really proud of what weve been able to achieve as a group.Saints coach Alan Richardson thanked six-time club best-and-fairest winner Riewoldt for his unparalleled commitment, service and contribution to the club.Nick has led our proud club with distinction during some very successful years in St Kildas history and also, more recently, at a time of rebuilding and development, Richardson said.Whether hes captain or not, Nick will always be a significant leader for our footy club and someone who will drive standards and set an outstanding example for our younger players.It will be incredibly beneficial for the next captain to have Nick there to support them if need be, as his wealth of experience and knowledge in this space is so impressive.Riewoldt signed a one-year deal in June, extending his career to a 17th season.David Armitage, Jarryn Geary, Maverick Weller and Jack Steven are among the contenders who have been floated as Riewoldts likely successor.St Kilda will undertake a thorough process during the pre-season to appoint its 2017 leadership group, from which the captain will be nominated, the Saints said in a statement. Authentic Cristiano Ronaldo Juventus Jersey . -- Arizona knocked off some quality opponents, rolled over a few overmatched ones and grinded out victories even when things didnt go so well. Youth Cristiano Ronaldo Juventus Jersey . Pence singled in the winning run with no outs in the ninth inning to give the Giants a 7-6 victory over the San Diego Padres on Sunday. . Philadelphia is 2-0 against the Senators this season and scored five goals in each victory. The Flyers recorded a 5-0 win in Ottawa on Nov. 12 and then earned a 5-2 home decision on Nov. 19. The Flyers have claimed three straight and four of the last five encounters with the Sens overall and Philly has won two in a row and three of its past four tests in Canadas capital city. As the great Bernard Hopkins gets ready to end his legendary career with a farewell fight against Joe Smith Jr. on Saturday night at The Forum in Inglewood, California, it got me thinking about how long I have known him.When Hopkins, a month shy of his 52nd birthday, fights Smith in a 12-round light heavyweight bout, it will mark the 23rd Hopkins fight I will have covered from ringside. In all, I will have written about the final 27 of his 67 fights -- from Syd Vanderpool to Smith -- since I first began covering boxing for USA Today in 2000. I have written tens of thousands of words about his life and career.Through the years, I have gotten to know Hopkins as well as I know any fighter. I have dined with him and his family. He has met my wife and son, and even my parents and sister. Oftentimes when we talked in recent years, boxing has been only a small part of the conversation. We discuss our families, politics (that can be as rough as any of his fights), race relations, his time in prison and many other topics.I havent always agreed with the way Hopkins has gone about things (more on that later) but I have deep respect for what he has overcome and what he has accomplished. As far as I am concerned, he is one of the greatest fighters in history and, other than maybe Floyd Mayweather, Manny Pacquiao and Roy Jones Jr., the best fighter I have ever covered.While I have many, many memories of covering his fights, we all know about them. It is the personal moments that forged our relationship and have given me insight into Bernard Hopkins the person.Instead of looking back at his biggest and best fights, here are a few of my favorite personal stories from the 17 years I have known Hopkins:Cup of teaIn September, I traveled to London to cover the Gennady Golovkin-Kell Brook middleweight world title fight. Hopkins was also there in his role as an HBO analyst. On the morning of the fight, Hopkins and I had breakfast at our hotel and, as it turned out, I had a role in making the fight with Smith.While Hopkins sipped on a cup of tea as we overlooked the River Thames, we discussed his desire for a farewell fight before the end of this year since he turns 52 in January. He wanted my opinion on whom he should fight. We discussed this for probably 90 minutes. He gave me the parameters: no walkover opponent, somebody with a good record who was credible and would not make Hopkins chase him around the ring. And he wanted a realistic opponent and a fight that could get made.I put my thinking cap on and came up with two guys: Seanie Monaghan and Smith.Hopkins asked for my view of both fighters, which I gave him, and then he punched their names into his phone to do a little research. He said he would also take the names to Golden Boy CEO Oscar De La Hoya and president Eric Gomez to see what they thought. I said to Hopkins, Wouldnt it be funny if you wound up fighting one of those guys and we could joke about it for years to come that the fight was hatched over a cup of tea in London at a restaurant overlooking the River Thames.Hopkins laughed and agreed. A month later the fight was made.The dark yearsAfter Hopkins beat Antwun Echols for the second time (which was the first Hopkins fight I covered in person in December 2000), I vividly recall attending the postfight news conference and listening to him implore the media not to let promoter Don King get away with allowing Felix Trinidad to move up to middleweight and cherry-pick a title and call himself middleweight champion without having gone though Hopkins to get it.Many of us picked up Hopkins cause. I wrote my share advocating ?Hopkins be part of any plan to unify the titles. Eventually, King signed Hopkins through a deal with Hopkins then-adviser Lou DiBella, and Hopkins knocked out Trinidad in the final of the four-man middleweight tournament in 2001 to become undisputed champ. It was Hopkins finest hour, and he reveled in the positive coverage and attention.But then Hopkins ego exploded and he lost his mind a little bit. He unjustly threw DiBella overboard and fired his longtime trainer, the late Bouie Fisher. He had forgotten where he came from and who helped get him to the top of the mountain. I thought he treated them very unfairly. As much as I had advocated Hopkins getting his chance against Trinidad, and praised him for winning the tournament, I also took some hard shots at him in the newspaper when he dumped DiBella and Fisher.Hopkins read it. Hopkins didnt like it. That was in early 2002. Hopkins and I didnt speak again until late 2004.He would go on conference calls before his fights and rip me, knowing I was listening. He would purposely look past me in the scrum with reporters at his events. I still covered his fights, just had no one-on-one interviews, which was fine with me because I was just as ticked off at him as he was at me.But as his megafight with Oscar De La Hoya approached, I was writing a cover story for USA Today. I needed to interview him for this piece. There was no getting around it. His longtime publicist, Kelly Swanson, is also a friend of mine, and she was annoyed at both of us for not speakinng to each other, so she arranged a three-way peace call. Black Juventus Cristiano Ronaldo Jersey. She mediated. We cleared the air, we did the interview and we have not had a bad moment since.Retirement? Not quiteBefore Hopkins upset Antonio Tarver to win the lineal light heavyweight title in 2006, he said he would retire after the fight. Few believed him, but he indeed walked away. The week of a big Golden Boy fight in Las Vegas maybe a month or two later, the company threw him a retirement party that I attended. There were maybe 50 or 60 people there at the MGM Grand. People gave speeches. It was a good time.Maybe a month later, on a slow week, I was looking for something to write about. I thought, why not give B-Hop a call and see how retirement is going? Maybe Ill get a decent column out of it. I gave him a call, and he began to tell me the things he had been doing: driving his daughter around, mowing the lawn, cleaning out the garage. He spent 10 minutes telling me about how he had gone through all his career memorabilia and the scrapbooks that his wife had kept of clippings from his career.The man was bored to death. I could tell. We talked for maybe a half-hour, and when I hung up, I told myself there was no way that man had retired. He was definitely coming back. Id have bet my life on it. A few months later, he announced he was returning.Shoulder-gateHopkins defended his light heavyweight title against Chad Dawson in the first of their two utterly forgettable fights in October 2011. I traveled to Los Angeles to cover it, and it stunk out loud. Thankfully, it lasted only two rounds. That is because Hopkins suffered a dislocated shoulder when Dawson lifted him up and shoved him down to the canvas. It was originally ruled a knockout win for Dawson but later overturned to a no decision, as it should have been.There were many who believed, however, that Hopkins, knowing he was in for a tough night and having all kinds of problems with Dawson through the first round and a half, faked the shoulder injury hoping to get a no contest and get out of Dodge with the title. I have to admit the thought crossed my mind. But a few hours after the fight, I realized that was not the case when I went to Hopkins suite -- we were staying at the same L.A. hotel -- and found Hopkins and members of his team sitting around a table talking about the fight.Hopkins was back from a visit to the hospital and in a bad mood. His shoulder was packed in ice, and when I looked at it up close it did not look right. Part of the bone was sticking up. It was nasty. Im no doctor, but I didnt need to be to know something was wrong. Then Hopkins handed me his medical paperwork from his hospital visit that outlined the diagnosis. I even snapped a photo of it for proof. He was not faking.CheesecakeIn May 2011, I traveled to Montreal to cover Hopkins rematch (of a previous draw) with then-light heavyweight champion Jean Pascal. Hopkins, who was 46 at the time, won the fight by decision. Thats the bout in which he famously did pushups between rounds to show what great condition he was in against an opponent much younger.The victory was historic, as Hopkins broke George Foremans record as the oldest fighter to win a world title. It was the first of several age-related records Hopkins would set.There was no elaborate party to celebrate winning the title and his historic accomplishment, but Hopkins was hungry. After the fight, in the wee hours -- it had to be about 2 a.m. -- Hopkins invited me to join him and his team for a postfight bite to eat. I rode with him and others in the car around Montreal until we found a place that was open. It was virtually empty other than our group of around a dozen people, including several from Hopkins promoter Golden Boy.I remember the restaurant had several big TVs on, and we saw fight highlights seemingly on a loop. Hopkins was definitely enjoying himself. But while everyone ordered bar food, Hopkins, who is fanatical about his conditioning, ordered pasta with garlic and broccoli. We all busted his chops: Come on Bernard, you just freaking won the light heavyweight world title at age 46! Broke a major record! Training camp is over. Youre allowed to have pizza or chicken wings or fries! Nope. The kitchen made him his special meal, which was not on the menu.But when we were done, Hopkins could not resist. His one cheat food is cheesecake. He adores it. He could devour an entire one with ease. The restaurant had it on the menu and he went for it. To truly celebrate his historic victory, he had one giant piece of caramel cheesecake. He was sitting across the table from me, and when he hoisted a chunk of it with his fork I caught the moment with my cellphone camera. The caramel was literally dripping from the fork and Hopkins had a smile as wide as could be. He crushed that slice of cheesecake like he had crushed so many opponents. I posted the photo on social media and it drew more than 12,000 views.You want to get on B-Hops good side? Offer him a slice of cheesecake. Cheap NFL Hoodies Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping Jerseys NFL China Wholesale NFL Autographed Jerseys Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping ' ' '