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arares: 567 Win shares: 28.6 (.050 WS/game)5-t | James Harden2010-12 Shooting Guard Games: 220

SEATTLE -- You know a team has been through a grueling stretch when the players are eagerly looking forward to spending their long-needed off day at . Wholesale Cheap Jerseys ... an island prison.Were actually going to Alcatraz, Pittsburgh Pirates outfielder Matt Joyce said of his plans for Pittsburghs day off in the Bay Area on Thursday. John Jaso is going to go, and my wife has been asking for years, and Im going to surprise her. She likes stuff like that.His wife cannot have liked all the time Joyce has been at work the past month and half, though. Because of rainouts, makeup games and the usual packed baseball schedule, the Pirates have gone to a ballpark 47 of the past 48 days. They were supposed to have three off days during that span, but rainouts and makeups meant they took the field 37 times in 36 days, including a doubleheader against the Mets on June 7 to makeup for a rainout on June 6. Their only day off was also a travel day.One rainout meant that what should have been a day off in the middle of a nine-game homestand became a road game. The Pirates played a game June 8 in Pittsburgh, then flew to Denver and arrived after midnight, played a game June 9, then flew back to Pittsburgh and arrived home after midnight. On June 10, catcher Francisco Cervelli broke his hand.Its pretty grinding, Jaso said. Even with the off day [Thursday], were still going to be getting in super late and were going to be exhausted from the plane ride and jet lag, and everything that comes with it.We have to get over that. Its a never-ending battle, but its just something you need to remain callous to, and just grind through it and just keep playing.Jaso said this after having played a night home game Sunday followed by a 12:30 p.m. start Monday, a five-hour flight to Seattle and a game Tuesday. As he talked about it, he yawned twice.The Pirates started off their long stretch in good fashion, winning 10 of 12 games in one span to improve to 28-19, good then for second place in the National League Central, 4 ? games behind the Chicago Cubs. But as the games started to mount, the Pirates began to nosedive, going 10-22 and falling to 38-41, 14 games out of first and fifth in the wild-card standings.It probably has affected the performance on the field. You have to be honest about it. It has, Jaso said. But the other honest part that you have to work with is that every other team deals with the same thing, so its a pretty even playing field when it comes to that. So you just have to take it as it comes.You cant take it personally like something is against our team. Other guys are playing night games followed by day games in another city.Or as Andrew McCutchen said: We cant let that be the excuse for our play overall. We have to suck it up. Everyone has to play 162 regular games, so it doesnt matter when you play them -- you just got to play them and go out there and keep going and keep going hard.We just need to play better. Thats the biggest thing. Were not playing our best baseball.Especially not in June. The staff ERA was 5.31 (148 runs/250 ? innings), with Francisco Liriano going 0-4 with a 7.03 ERA, Juan Nicasio going 1-2/7.08 and Jonathon Niese 1-4/6.21. They also lost starter Gerrit Cole to a strained triceps in the same game Cervelli broke his hand.Its one of those things thats frustrating for sure. I havent pitched this bad in my whole career, Niese answered when asked what was the cause of the decline. Its a crazy year. If I had all the answers, I wouldnt have the results I have.Meanwhile, Pirates batters struck out 258 times in June, or roughly once an inning. Manager Clint Hurdle thinks part of it is umpiring that has gone against his batters. He was ejected in Tuesday nights 5-2 loss to the Mariners after arguing with the umpire.Its short at-bats, Hurdle said. I dont think were getting three strikes.Part of the recent hitting slump also was because they faced some of the best pitchers in baseball, including Jake Arrieta (twice), Noah Syndergaard (twice), Madison Bumgarner, Clayton Kershaw, Johnny Cueto, Jose Fernandez, Yu Darvish and Cole Hamels.The Pirates did have one good recent series, taking three of four games from the Los Angeles Dodgers last weekend at home. They also beat Kershaw and Bumgarner last week.We had a stretch where we played the best teams in baseball, Joyce said. We understand its a long season. Were not looking for excuses or anyone to feel sorry for us. Its just one of those tough stretches we had. And we walk away stronger from it.Now youve seen us bounce back from that and figure ourselves out and how were going to win and start having fun again. Now we just have to keep the momentum going.Hurdle said it is important to closely examine the stretch and see how they can improve.An overall thing like this were going through for everyone involved is to review, he said. What did we well, what might we be able to tweak or do better or different next time.The Pirates went 20 season without going to the postseason before playing in the wild-card game in 2013. They won that game but didnt win the ensuing division series and lost the wild-card game in 2014 and 2015. They havent won the World Series since 1979. Pittsburgh will have to improve on its recent stretch to get another crack at the postseason this year.In this game, when it rains, it pours. Its always going to happen, Jaso said. Youre always going to go through slumps, but its all about staying positive to get out of those slumps. But I would never say, Were out of it, were going to be cruising now.Like fate is going to take us. No. Fate doesnt take us anywhere. You have to keep working and stay focused. Thats what also gets you out of slumps.And perhaps some time off at the break will help, too. Cheap Football Jerseys . 8 Iowa State on Saturday, sending the Cyclones to their third consecutive loss. The Longhorns (14-4, 3-2) got their biggest win of the season with their third in the row in the Big 12. Jerseys China NFL . Francis told several hundred members of the European Olympic Committees that when sport "is considered only in economic terms and consequently for victory at every cost . . -- There were a lot of firsts for the Edmonton Oilers on Tuesday night. The NBA has a boatload of attention-grabbing superstars to keep an eye on this season. But for sheer excitement, the player most worth watching this season is Russell Westbrook. No other player can rack up numbers and highlight-reel dunks like he can. A couple of caveats: Yes, Westbrook does have deficiencies. He can be reckless (4.28 turnovers a game last season, second most in the NBA) and overly aggressive (28 offensive fouls, second among all guards). And he is an average defender (42nd percentile in points per play). But that doesnt make him any less fun to watch. Heres why hes a must-see event:He will posterize anyone at any timePart of what makes Westbrook must-see TV? His propensity to roar through a defense for an emphatic dunk. Consider this: Westbrook has nearly as many unassisted dunks in the past five seasons (122) as prolific slashers Dwyane Wade and DeMar DeRozan have combined (131) and more unassisted dunks than the total number of dunks by new teammate Victor Oladipo (116).Most dunks by guards, last five seasonsIn fact, Westbrook is the king of the unassisted dunk. A look at all players with at least 20 dunks in a seasons over the past five seasons shows that Westbrook does it at a higher rate and a higher volume than just about anybody (check out the blue dots below). And his numbers from last season (in which 57 percent of his dunks were unassisted) make him even more of an outlier.Unassisted dunks by all players, last five seasonsDots represent all players single-season totals from 2011-12 through 2015-16, minimum 20 total dunks madeHes a monster in transitionWith the ball in his hands, Westbrook is always looking to create chaos -- and he does it well. Last season, no player had the ball in his hands in transition more often, and nobody produced more points, per Synergy Sports Tech. Westbrooks totals: 374 times as a ball handler in transition, 398 points produced (1.064 points per play). Only a handful of players came remotely close to his numbers: James Harden, John Wall, Isaiah Thomas, Stephen Curry and LeBron James.All players in transition, 2015-16He is remarkably athleticHis speed, power and toughness are widely recognized, as evidenced by the NBAs newest general manager survey released last week. In a league full of eye-popping athleticism, Westbrook is the only player to receive GM votes in all three categories:From 2016 NBA GM SurveyHe will be fine without DurantWestbrook was second on the Thunder last season with 18.1 field goal attempts per game. Oklahoma Citys No. 1 option, Durant, is gone. But Westbrook has done this before, during the 2014-15 season in particular, and hes more than capable of carrying the offense and, yes, playing efficiently. Below are Westbrooks career numbers with Durant (527 games) and without him (61 games). In most instances, his numbers are improved without Durant -- even in categories like turnover rate and defensive rating.Westbrook in games without Durant vs. with himAnd another reason Westbrook wiill be fine: The Thunder have now built a roster specifically to survive the loss of Durant. Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys. True, Oklahoma City might not be as loaded as the Warriors or Cavaliers, but OKCs core is all under 30 and on the rise. Below is a look at projected stats for Westbrooks supporting cast:Projected 2016-17 statsImprovement from 2015-16 in blue, age in parenthesesAll projections from, except Roberson ( become a triple-double machineWestbrook racked up a league-best 18 triple-doubles last season, tying Magic Johnson for the most in a season since 1967-68. Could that total increase even more this season? Its entirely possible. The Thunder offense will continue to be fast-paced, so theres no reason to think his passing stats will diminish. And as Kevin Pelton points out in his Thunder season preview, Westbrook grabbed a career-high 18.1 percent of available defensive rebounds last season, nearly as much as the average for a power forward (19.2 percent). Below, a look at his totals since entering the league -- notice the recent spike:Triple-doubles by seasonIts his franchise nowThe Thunder franchise has had the remarkable good fortune to draft Durant, Westbrook and Harden in the past decade -- three Hall of Fame-caliber talents. But now that Westbrook is the only remaining superstar on the roster, he is on track to eventually lead the team in total win shares in the OKC era.The top five win share totals in Thunder history (2008-09 to present):1 | Kevin Durant2009-16 Small Forward Games: 561 Win shares: 105.6 (.188 WS/game)2 | Russell Westbrook2009-16 Point Guard Games: 587 Win shares: 67.0 (.114 WS/game)3 | Serge Ibaka2010-16 Center Games: 524 Win shares: 47.6 (.091 WS/game)4 | Nick Collison2009-16 Power Forward Games: 567 Win shares: 28.6 (.050 WS/game)5-t | James Harden2010-12 Shooting Guard Games: 220 Win shares: 21.0 (.095 WS/game)5-t | Thabo Sefolosha2009-14 Shooting Guard Games: 368 Win shares: 21.0 (.057 WS/game)It seems likely that Westbrook will eclipse Durant as long as he sticks around. He has averaged 9.4 win shares per 82 games in his career. At that pace and playing full seasons, Westbrook would surpass KD during the 2021-22 season, when hell be 33.He could join an exclusive clubProjections have Westbrook averaging more than 25 points, 8 rebounds, 8 assists and 2 steals this season. How impressive is that? Very, and historically rare. Only once in league history has a player averaged 25/8/8/2 in a season: Michael Jordan in 1988-89 (though keep in mind that steals werent officially tracked until the 1973-74 season). A look at Jordans numbers, along with a composite of Westbrooks projected stats:* Westbrook numbers are averages of his and projections.Statistics courtesy of Synergy Sports Tech,,, StatMuse and NBA Miner. ' ' '