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an opener to hit two fifties in a Test in Englan

Welcome back to our League of Legends global power rankings. Wayne Gretzky Jersey . Every week, we look at each team in the five major regions and rank them according to how they are performing.Were starting with Week 7 of the North American/European League Championship Series, Week 8 of League Championships Korea, Week 7 of the League Pro League and Week 5 of the League Master Series. The indicates change since the previous ranking.Nos. 1-10 -- World contendersNos. 11-20 -- Playoff contendersNos. 21-30 -- Middle of the packNos. 31-40 -- StrugglingNos. 41-50 -- Bottom of the barrelWorld contenders1. SK Telecom T1Record: 10-3 (22-7) | League: LCK | : no changeThere is no real debate here, right? SKT T1 are the reigning champions of the big three international LoL events (Worlds, the Mid-Season Invitational, the Intel Extreme Masters Katowice) and trail only ROX due to playing one fewer game in the LCK standings. The team is starting to round into the form youd expect from the heavy favorite to win its third Summoners Cup in four years. T1 proved its gap in skill between the fourth-best South Korean team last night, Samsung Galaxy, in a relatively one-sided display of superiority.2. ROX TigersRecord: 11-3 (22-10) | League: LCK | : +2Second place behind SKT T1 is a common placement for the Tigers the past two years. The runner-up at the 2015 World Championships and last seasons LCK, the Tigers have seemingly figured out how to overcome any obstacle, aside from Lee Faker Sang-hyeok and his organization.3. Team SoloMidRecord: 14-0 (28-3) | League: NA LCS | : no changeLets stop acting like anyone knows what the second-best region in the world is. Weve had two major international tournaments, and the only certainty is that SK Telecom T1 is the best team in the world. Royal Never Give Up and EDward Gaming are contenders for the title, but they havent proven that theyre better than TSM. This is our reasoning behind TSMs placement in the rankings. Read a more in-depth analysis here.4. EDward GamingRecord: 11-0 (22-5) | League: LPL | : -2EDward Gaming might have fallen in the rankings, but thats primarily a result of the recent successes of ROX and TSM and EDwards one-game loss to LGD Gaming. The latter shouldnt happen if it wants to keep on top, but business is still going well.5. Royal Never Give UpRecord: 10-1 (21-5) | League: LPL | : no changeMuch like EDward Gaming, Royal Never Give Up showed its consistency as it took down Chinas worst team, Saint Gaming, this week. With the win, Royal remains where it should be, within the top five of the worlds power rankings and the second-best team in China.6. ImmortalsRecord: 13-1 (27-7) | League: NA LCS | : +1Still lacking when compared to TSM, Immortals is improved from the spring split. Although it needs better overall play with all five members and better drafting to challenge TSM for the title, the teams mechanical brilliance has been able to power it through the first seven weeks. Immortals is one of the top 10 teams in the world, but itll need another dimension to its game to break into the top four.7. KT RolsterRecord: 9-5 (21-14) | League: LCK | : +2If SKT T1 didnt exist, ROX would most likely be in the midst of a dynasty. If T1 and ROX didnt exist, KT Rolster would probably be in the midst of its own. The third-best team in South Korea throughout the past year-and-a-half, Rolster faces the same issues the Tigers have with SKT T1, but with the added bonus of needing to surpass the Tigers to become the best team in the world. In any other region, KT might be the top dog, but in South Korea? Not so simple.8. Samsung GalaxyRecord: 9-5 (18-12) | League: LCK | : no changeSamsung is in solid fourth-place position in South Korea. Galaxy is too good to be grouped with the likes of Afreeca and MVP fighting for the last postseason slot but hasnt been on the upswing long enough to fit with South Koreas Big 3 of SKT, Tigers and KT.9. J TeamRecord: 6-2-0 | League: LMS | : +1J Team didnt put it all together but masterfully doubled down on its early game strength and macro play. To go 3-1 over Flash Wolves in one week is no easy feat, and the team showed a superior draft approach and generally more powerful side lanes. For the first time in a while, neither Flash Wolves nor ahq is on top.10. Flash WolvesRecord: 6-1-1 | League: LMS | : -4The Wolves complacency finally came out this week, showing multiple oversights in the draft phase in its games against J Team. However, the team came back with much smarter drafts in its second set against J Team and crushed one of the games. Flash Wolves has been dethroned, but for how long?Playoff contenders11. I MayRecord: 7-4 (16-9) | League: LPL | : +1Chinas third-best team is moving up in the rankings, even after a loss to EDward Gaming. Its win over Snake Esports shows I May is still one of the best teams in China.12. Team WERecord: 7-4 (17-11) | League: LPL | : +7Team WE had a good week last week, as it took down Newbee convincingly. Team WE will have a shot in the playoffs, depending on its bracket, to show what its really made of.13. G2 EsportsRecord: 7-7-0 | League: EU LCS | : +1G2 Esports move up slightly in the rankings after a tie with Splyce and a victory over H2K Gaming. Europe as a region still looks the weakest it has ever been, but G2 looks only slightly ahead of the pack.14. FnaticRecord: 7-4-3 | League: EU LCS | : +1Fnatic are just below its top European peer, G2 Esports, and thats mainly because of its loss in week five. With Kikis at the wheel, which has changed Fnatics top lane picks, Fnatic doesnt look much better than it did before.15. Afreeca FreecsRecord: 7-6 (15-15) | League: LCK | : +1In the battle for the final playoff spot in South Korea, it appears the rookies of last year, the formerly known Rebels Anarchy, are going to succeed over the top rookie team of this year in MVP. The Freecs that came off a spirited run last split to make the playoffs are doing the same thing in the second half this summer, and a first-round matchup against the likes of Samsung Galaxy could be winnable for the now playoff-experienced Afreeca.16. SplyceRecord: 6-6-2 | League: EU LCS | : +5Moving up in the rankings again this week is Splyce, a team many did not expect to succeed. Splyce tied with G2 Esports, which shows that it can, in fact, compete with the best. Splyce have impressed, and its now visible as it makes the run for third-best in Europe.17. Ahq e-Sports ClubRecord: 6-0-2 | League: LMS | : +1Sometimes ahq looks like a team returning to form, and sometimes the team looks flat-out lost. Ahq had hiccups in the early games against both XG and HKE but came back with superior mid-game decision-making. Its a concerning trend, but ahq had a pair of stomps to accompany the hard-fought victories.18. Snake EsportsRecord: 6-5 (13-12) | League: LPL | : +2Snake, alongside Team WE, are making a good case for the fourth- and fifth-best in China. It might have lost to I May, but it beat Vici Gaming and showed that its plausible for the team to make the playoffs.19. Counter Logic GamingRecord: 7-7 (18-17) | League: NA LCS | : +4Were finally seeing the Mid-Season Invitational finalists look like, well, MSI finalists. The team has rallied late in the season and fixed the mid-lane problems that plagued it early on.20. Team LiquidRecord: 8-6 (18-15) | League: NA LCS | : -7A top-two finish it wont be for Team Liquid this split. TSM and IMT have already locked up first-round byes, and TSMs dissection of Liquid shows the gap between the current top team in the region and the perceived third or fourth.Middle of the pack21. Cloud9Record: 8-6 (20-16) | League: NA LCS | : -4C9 had an awkward week. It won a series it shouldnt have against the late game toothless Apex Gaming, and it followed that up with an excruciatingly close loss to CLG. With the team in comfortable playoff position with no chance of breaking the top two, the last two weeks for C9 will be about seed positioning and gearing up for a tough first-round matchup.22. Vici GamingRecord: 6-5 (13-12) | League: LPL | : no changeVici Gaming isnt a bad team, even though it lost to Snake this week. Overall, the victory over Invictus keeps it afloat in the middle of the pack.23. MVPRecord: 6-8 (14-17) | League: LCK | : -11The playoffs are slipping away for MVP, but its not all doom and gloom. Sure, making the postseason in its first season back as an organization after an absence of more than two years would have been amazing for MVP, but at least with its current record, there should be no relegation in sight.24. Jin Air Green WingsRecord: 5-8 (13-18) | League: LCK | : +2Writing about Jin Air is just depressing now. The Green Wings are 5-8. How is that possible after the way the club started? Playoff dreams have been shattered. Hope for Worlds is gone. All thats left is to see how many more times Pilot can die needlessly after getting caught out.25. Unicorns of LoveRecord: 4-5-5 | League: EU LCS | : +6Its record might not indicate it, but the Unicorns of Love have had a significant upward trend in its play and have put up some decent results in the process. Europe becomes harder to rank under Splyce, but with Unicorns recent tie with Vitality and win over Giants, it looks like the team might be next in line in the crazy mix that is Europe.26. Hong Kong EsportsRecord: 3-1-4 | League: LMS | : -1Its another week of disappointment for HKE, as it was able to develop leads early against ahq but failed to close a game. Gear and Raison continue to be the backbone of the team from mid and AD, with Raison performing closer to his Summer 2015 form. HKE has MSE nipping at its heels, so the roster will have to develop synergy quick if it wants to secure a playoff spot.27. Giants GamingRecord: 5-2-7 | League: EU LCS | : -3Giants lost to two teams above it this week, which makes it fall in the rankings. The team isnt awful -- its still a contender for playoffs -- but its falling behind.28. Team EnVyUsRecord: 7-7 (14-19) | League: NA LCS | : +1It wasnt pretty from Envy, but the rookie club got the job done in the biggest match of its inaugural split. A loss to Apex Gaming to end the week would have given the Lions a strong chance of making the postseason; however, in 2-1 fashion, Envy was able to shake its losing ways and get the much-needed victory.29. ESC EverRecord: 4-8 (11-18) | League: LCK | : -2ESC is at the point where making the playoffs is all but out of the question. Currently, its time to turn those thoughts into pure survival. The bottom two spots in the league go into the do-or-die promotional matches, and Ever can keep its place in the LCK if it can outdo Longzhu, CJ and the submarining Jin Air Green Wings.30. Longzhu GamingRecord: 4-10 (10-21) | League: LCK | : +8Longzhu are in a fight for survival in the ninth-place spot. With its win over CJ, the Dragons have separated themselves from the worst team in the league, but the once believed super team has only two weeks before its sent to a single best-of-five series against a minor league team.Struggling31. H2K GamingRecord: 4-6-4 | League: EU LCS | : -3H2K had a bumpy week, but its losses came at the hand of G2 Esports and Fnatic. H2K has holes in the armor that it needs to fix, but its record will likely give it a playoff berth in Europe.32. FC Schalke 04Record: 3-7-4 | League: EU LCS | : +1FC Schalke 04 receive a slight bump in the rankings this week, after tying with Origen and Fnatic. But this season has shown that FC Schalke 04 has the same problems it did when it was Elements, and the team is no better than seventh.33. VitalityRecord: 3-7-4 | League: EU LCS | : +3Wrapping up Europes lower half of the middle pack is Team Vitality, which beat Team ROCCAT and tied with the Unicorns of Love this week. Vitality has the potential to be a better team, but its roster just doesnt look good together.34. Midnight Sun EsportsRecord: 3-2-3 | League: LMS | : +1Midnight Sun inch up the standings with a strong 3-1 week, 2-0-ing Team Mist and splitting with Machi. MSEs wins during the week were clean, and the team looks to be on the way up, as Machi continues to struggle with consistency.35. Game TalentsRecord: 5-6 (11-14) | League: LPL| : -7Game Talents came out strong this split but have since fallen down the ladder. Last week mightve been rock bottom, however, as the team took a loss to OMG, one of the worst teams in the league.36. Phoenix1Record: 3-11 (10-25) | League: NA LCS | : +4Phoenix1, 3-2 in its past five, is in an intriguing place with four matches left. Playoffs are a pipe dream, but a few upsets on the last two weekends could give the boys in orange and black a reprieve when it comes to relegation.37. NRG EsportsRecord: 4-10 (12-21) | League: NA LCS | : +5It might be a little too late for NRG Esports to make the postseason, but its makeshift, mixed-language roster might be finally getting its legs under it. If NRG can grab the seventh spot, itll be locked into next splits NA LCS.38. Machi E-sportsRecord: 2-3-3 | League: LMS | : -8Dropping a heartbreaking game to Flash Wolves earlier in the week and losing a game to XGamers is sure to weaken team morale. Machi was able to string together a few wins and perform well in team fights, but the communication has clearly been off.39. LGD GamingRecord: 4-7 (11-15) | League: LPL | : no changeLGD took a game off EDward Gaming, which is impressive, even though it didnt close the series with a win.40. Apex GamingRecord: 5-9 (15-20) | League: NA LCS | : -6Although Apex have a similar map record to sixth-place Envy (both teams are five maps below .500), the overall match score is what is probably going to kill its chance to make the playoffs.Bottom of the barrel41. NewbeeRecord: 4-7 (10-17) | League: LPL | : -2Newbees record is not indicative of its teams skill. Just because its fourth in group A in points doesnt mean its better than the likes of Vici Gaming or LGD.42. OrigenRecord: 2-7-5 | League: EU LCS | : +1Toasters LCS debut wasnt bad at all, as Origen tied with FC Schalke 04 and beat Team ROCCAT. But Origen waited too long this season to fix its gaping problems in the bottom lane.43. CJ EntusRecord: 2-11 (9-23) | League: LCK | : -6CJ accidentally?locked in Teemo against Longzhu and got embarrassed. The team structure is a mess. The coaching is a mess. The starting lineup rotations are a mess. The prospects CJ Entus hoped would turn the club around have failed to deliver. Four years ago, the names Blaze and Frost struck fear into the hearts of teams that played against them. Now, CJ Entus is bland, old, uninspired and possibly on its last legs.44. OMGRecord: 3-8 (8-17) | League: LPL | : +3Originally expected to be one of the worst teams in China, OMG showed that it deserves to be taken more seriously with a win over Game Talents.45. eXtreme GamersRecord: 1-1-6 | League: LMS | : no changeXG arent anything special, but a win over Machi and some decent performances in losses this week show that XG arent totally awful.46. Invictus GamingRecord: 2-9 (9-19) | League: LPL | : -2Continuing to fall this week is Invictus Gaming, which took losses to LGD Gaming and Vici Gaming.47. Team ROCCATRecord: 1-5-8 | League: EU LCS | : +1We had high expectations for ROCCAT earlier in the season, but its results have been anything but good. The trend continued this week, as it fell to Vitality and Origen.48. Echo FoxRecord: 1-13 (7-26) | League: NA LCS | : +1Echo Fox became the first team in our rankings to be officially eliminated from Summoners Cup contention.49. Saint GamingRecord: 1-10 (5-20) | League: LPL | : -3With only one win, Saint Gaming remain at the bottom of the power rankings, above only Team Mist.50. Team MistRecord: 0-0-8 | League: LMS | : no changeThe team continues to perform poorly and is unable to make anything of its occasional early game advantages. At least it showed some ingenuity with an Olaf counter-pick into Shen.Youth Rangers Jerseys . A forerunning sled crashed into the worker Thursday at the Sanki Sliding Center. The unidentified worker broke both legs and was airlifted to a nearby hospital. Eddie Giacomin Jersey .C. -- Glenn Howard needed an extra end to move into the Masters Grand Slam of Curling final. . - Raiders general manager Reggie McKenzie never doubted he would bring back coach Dennis Allen for a third year despite back-to-back 4-12 records. England 297 (Ballance 70, Moeen 63, Sohail 5-96) and 445 for 6 dec (Moeen 86*, Bairstow 83, Cook 66, Root 62, Hales 54) beat Pakistan 400 (Azhar 139, Aslam 82, Misbah 56) and 201 (Aslam 70) by 141 runsScorecard and ball-by-ball detailsAn afternoon of outstanding reverse-swing bowling conjured England a memorable come-from-behind 141-run victory at Edgbaston. Pakistan crumbled to 201 all out, at one stage losing 4 for 1 in a 23-ball spell between Steven Finn and Chris Woakes before tea, having been sitting reasonably comfortably at lunch with a draw well within their compass.However, having been set 343 in 84 overs, Pakistan subsided over the final two sessions. Moeen Ali picked the lock when he removed Azhar Ali then the quick bowlers bulldozed through the door. Sami Aslam played his second classy innings of the match, but when he shouldered arms at Finn shortly before tea saving the game was always likely to be too much for Pakistans lower orderJames Anderson and Stuart Broad each struck quickly after the break, but England were frustrated by a 50-run stand for the final wicket in 11 overs, a partnership which showed the pitch contained no demons. Saving the game remained a long way off for Sohail Khan and Rahat Ali, and England had four overs with the second new ball up their sleeve. Yet, there was just a bit if twitchiness emerging when Sohail slammed a return catch back to Moeen who, having twice contributed crucial innings, played a crucial role in the victory.It will be a tough defeat to take for Pakistan who were dominant over the first two days of the game before losing their way over the two second innings. Conversely, Englands resilience to fight back makes this one of their finest wins in recent times - they are excellent frontrunners in a game, but questions have sometimes been asked about their ability to claw back.Andersons six-over post lunch burst was where the game really changed after Moeen had been rewarded for his best spell of the series by drawing Azhar, who had been worked over by Broad, into loose drive which found Cook at second slip. Anderson had a grumpy match - removed from the attack in the first innings for running on the pitch - but this was him at his best: getting the old ball to talk with immaculate control of line and length. It was not massive swing, but enough to create uncertainty which forced Younis Khan to poke outside offf, Jonny Bairstow taking a good catch in front of first slip. Henrik Lundqvist Jersey. Younis looked no closer to regaining his form.The most electrifying period of play, though, was when Finn and Woakes burst through the middle order - two bowlers who have had contrasting summers. Finns wicketless run had reached 429 balls when he brought an edge from Misbah, a wicket that brought a primeval roar, a moment of raw emotion, from the pace bowler who has toiled without luck in recent outings.More was to follow as another bowling change paid dividends - Cook had an excellent day in the field - with Woakes nipping a delivery into Asad Shafiqs pads to trap him lbw for a pair and give another first-over wicket. Then in his next over he found Sarfraz Ahmeds outside edge which was well held, low at second slip, by Joe Root amid a heady atmosphere. The ground was far from full, but those in cheered every moment. For a second Woakes, bowling with six slips, was on a hat-trick when Yasir Shah was given lbw but he had got an inside edge; the reprieve was temporary.Aslam watched it all unfold from the non-strikers end having reached his fifty from 124 balls with a slog-sweep off Moeen over midwicket. He became just the fourth Pakistan opener to hit two fifties in a Test in England, a magnificent effort for a player with such little cricket leading into the match. Maybe it was the effect of having Misbah for company for a period, but he suddenly wanted to become more expansive against Moeen. However, the clatter of wickets - and pace from both ends - forced him back into his shell and his dismissal, ironically to the non-stroke he had played so well during the match, left a weak lower order with a task beyond them.Aslams performance was in sharp contrast to that of his opening partner. Englands one success in the morning could hardly have come more gift-wrapped if Mohammad Hafeez had come out with a bow on his head. He managed to avoid the pair, but then helped a short delivery down to Woakes at long leg as he appeared to want to hit the ball in the air. There was only one fielder he could pick out - he did it with precision. Broads expression was as much surprise as delight. For a while, Pakistan responded well to the early setback. Then it all went badly awry. Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping NFL Jerseys Cheap Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys Cheap Jerseys 2020 NFL Jerseys China NFL Jerseys China Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys ' ' '