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always been generally considered a redshirt type of situation as he develops and learns the system. W

In September 2013, Helena Scutt and Paris Henken were racing one of the fastest -- and newest -- sailboats added to the Rio Olympics. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Jersey . Henken, then 17, was a high school junior and Scutt was a junior at Stanford -- and they were representing the United States at the 49erFX world championships in Marseille, France.On the fourth day of racing, the two athletes were sailing upwind, their bodies fully outstretched over the water. As they approached a turnaround point, a German boat, going the opposite direction, was suddenly heading straight at them.A slew of other boats were packed tightly around them. There was nowhere to escape. Collision was inevitable.But the two boats didnt hit head-on. Instead, the German monohull rammed into Scutts torso at full force.I dont know if they didnt see us or what, said Scutt, who was sailing closest to the bow. They didnt make a move to avoid us because if they did, theyd heel and I wouldnt have been hit where I was.In the end, Scutts left side absorbed the entire impact of the crash. The force also catapulted Henken into the Mediterranean. When race traffic finally dissipated, a motorboat made its way to the sailors. Scutt was pulled in, badly hurt.She didnt want to be touched, but she wanted her gear off, Henken recalled. I lifted up her shirt and her whole side was black and red.Scutt broke two ribs, lacerated a kidney, and fractured a vertebra in her lower back.None of it required surgery, but when Scutt was discharged from the French hospital and reunited with Henken at their apartment in Marseille, Henken was emotionally distraught. As the skipper, Henken was steering.I kept saying, I should have done more. I should have done more, Henken said, and she kept reassuring me that it wasnt my fault, even though, technically, the German boat had the right of way.Scutt also reassured her that the crash wouldnt mark the end of their career together.Im still amazed, Henken said. She was so motivated. She knew right away she wanted to continue. And I was fully on-board, although I definitely wasnt going to force her into it one way or another.Scutt lost about 12 pounds of muscle mass during her recovery from the accident, but her range of motion was fine, and by late January 2014, she was back in the 49erFX.I was scared -- definitely -- of close situations in a fast boat, Scutt said, yet she knew that every day she raced, her boat would be going in the same direction as it had in 2013 and face other boats coming around the buoy the same way that the German boat did. Its inevitable, she said.Nevertheless, two years later, Scutt, now 24, and Henken, now 20, qualified for the Rio Olympics.During a break in their Olympic preparations, the duo discussed how they overcame their trepidations and reestablished their trust -- and the advice theyd give to other athletes whove been in bad accidents.Eliminate guiltScutt could see that Henken was devastated because she had been steering. I kept telling her that it wasnt her fault. No one wants that guilt, she said. Scutt was right.After she reassured me that I wasnt to blame, Henken said, that was enough for me to get over my emotional fear.Talk to the prosBefore Scutt got back in the boat, she consulted a sports psychologist. He could tell I was passionate, she said. His advice was not to push myself too soon. He said ease into it and look long term.She also got help from her teammate. Reach out to people, Henken advised. Theyre there to help. Im really lucky to have Helena and shes lucky to have me. We were so strong before, and we immediately bonded even more. If an incident happens, make sure you lean on someone else; dont do it alone.Give yourself time for the memory to fadeI think [this] happens to a lot of people who have trauma, Scutt said. The split second I knew that the boat was going to hit but I couldnt do anything about it -- that snapshot kept running through my mind all night for several days. Now I can barely remember it. My mind has protectively shut it off. Its faded to black and white. All those memories -- the whole day, is very vague now.Remind yourself of the risk in everythingSailing is inherently risky and despite her broken bones, Scutt decided, to me, the risk is worth it. I know were all racing really close, but wouldnt be my sport if I was in a slow boat and everyone was far away. Thats not what I do.Put it in contextScutt began to view the crash as a small part of her entire career. When I got hurt, I thought a lot about all the sacrifices Id made to get to that point, she said, and it made me want to push forward and keep going. I thought: This is just one more sacrifice that would make everything more meaningful.Henken added, Nothings going to hold you back but yourself.Be kind to yourself when you go backEven now, Scutt said, I still get nervous, and Paris knows it. Im working on it. When were hanging off the side, I pull up my shoulders and lean into the boat because when [the accident] happened, I was lying fully stretched out. For me to say Im never going to lift my shoulders again isnt realistic, so I wasnt too hard on myself when I knew I was leaning up. Now, every time Im out there, I find myself safely trapezing for a little longer.Or Paris will say, I need your weight [meaning lean back]. At first, I thought, Cmon, youre not the one that got hurt. But thats ridiculous. Or shell remind me, Were fine. I got this -- which is important. If shes cowering in the boat with me, were not going to win medals. If shes scared, shell feed my fear.Know your own roleYou cant control everything. Scutt explained, On a double-handed [two-person] boat, our roles are very different. Paris steers. As crew, I do everything else. I cant hop back and grab the tiller. Its not my job. So I need to trust, and I do trust Paris to make a call in a crowd.Enjoy each day as an athleteAll told, Scutt said, The accident made me realize that things can change in a split second and you might as well be doing what you love because you dont know what will happen tomorrow. Jabari Parker Bucks Jersey . Radwanska, making her debut in the Seoul tournament, hit eight aces in a match that lasted 1 hour, 4 minutes at Olympic Park tennis stadium. "It was definitely a very good match -- I was playing really good tennis," Radwanska said. Vin Baker Bucks Jersey . Following a lopsided 5-2 loss against the New Jersey Devils on Wednesday night, Paul MacLean told reporters that "theres a lack of focus, theres a lack of leadership and theres a lack of preparation" with his struggling team. That came on the heels of Bryan Murray taking the unusual step of going into the locker room at the Prudential Center and addressing the players himself. . - Blake Griffin had 30 points and 12 rebounds, J. NEW YORK -- Fitz is still in for the New York Jets.Ryan Fitzpatrick will remain the teams starting quarterback for its game next Monday night against the Indianapolis Colts. Coach Todd Bowles made the announcement a day after the Jets lost 22-17 to the New England Patriots and fell to 3-8.Hes our starter, Bowles said during a conference call. Its no different than anybody else on both sides of the ball right now.Fitzpatrick was mostly solid against New England, going 22 of 32 for 269 yards with two touchdowns and no interceptions, but fumbled on New Yorks final drive when he was hit by Chris Long while attempting to throw. The Patriots recovered and ran out the clock.Bowles was noncommittal to Fitzpatrick after the game, but he said Monday that he wanted to speak only about the loss. He added that he knew all along that Fitzpatrick would be back under center this week.There was no debate, Bowles said.With the Jets all but eliminated from playoff contention, some fans and media are calling for the Jets to play Bryce Petty and, perhaps, eventually Christian Hackenberg to evaluate the young quarterbacks.We get looks at them every day, Bowles said. As a coach, you weigh trying to win ballgames first, and theres a time and place that those guys will get a chance to play. It just wont be next week.Petty filled in for Fitzpatrick two weeks ago against Los Angeles when the veteran was sidelined with a sprained knee. The fourth-round pick out of Baylor last year wwent 19 of 32 for 163 yards with a touchdown and an interception in the 9-6 loss. Rashad Vaughn Bucks Jersey. ackenberg was a second-rounder this year out of Penn State, but from the beginning, this season has always been generally considered a redshirt type of situation as he develops and learns the system. While Hackenberg is likely to remain on the sideline, there remains intrigue over what Petty could do over a series of games -- and not just in practices.Theres a curiosity to all the young guys that are backing up right now, Bowles acknowledged. But that doesnt mean Im going to start them all right now. ... There are a lot of guys backing up right now that probably want to be in games that are not ready to play yet. Ill go from there.I have a timetable in my head for certain guys that I want to see at different positions. When that time comes, Ill make those decisions.For Bowles, the goal remains to win games now -- despite the growing public sentiment that thats the least important thing as the season continues to spiral.Were all fighters, Bowles said. Were all trying to win every game, whether were trying to get to 8-8 or whether were trying to be 16-0. Were trying to win. Its not about Bryce. Its not about Fitz. Its about our team trying to win ballgames.---For more NFL coverage: and Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic Wholesale Jerseys China Cheap NFL Jerseys China NFL Cheap Jerseys Cheap Jerseys ' ' '